Hamilton's Head Coach Next Year?


Former CFL pivots turn Buffalo around

Gill, Barrett bringing respectability
back to a team that was once off the map


October 7, 2008

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...an excerpt...Barrett, meanwhile, said he's in no rush to leave the Bulls, but did open the door to returning to the CFL some day.

"[In the U.S.] there's 119 Division I programs, so
if the right opportunity came along [in U.S. college]

or the CFL, I would certainly consider that," he said.

"I do miss the CFL."


Some former CFL players and coaches
in U.S. NCAA Division I football:

Danny Barrett, quarterbacks coach, Buffalo

Turner Gill, head coach, Buffalo

Bill Stewart, head coach, West Virginia

Mike Riley, head coach, Oregon State

Kent Austin, offensive co-ordinator, Ole Miss

Paul Chryst, offensive co-ordinator, Wisconsin

Joe Tiller, head coach, Purdue

Steve Sarkisian, offensive co-ordinator, Southern California

Jeff Reinebold, receivers coach, Southern Methodist

Frank Spaziani, defensive co-ordinator, Boston College

Bob Price, tight ends coach, Virginia

Conredge Holloway, director of football operations, Tennessee

Paul Randolph, defensive co-ordinator, Tulsa

Doug Nussmeier, offensive co-ordinator, Fresno State

Oscar Giles, defensive ends coach, Texas

I just posted this article for fun to see
if it could spark some debate here.

Players with a strong connection
or any connection to our man, Obie

might be on Obie's candididate list.

Bellefuelle is Obie's guy, Ron.

And I honestly can't see any of the other coaches being fired, either. (Danny Mac will become full time OC next year, IMO).

Assistant coaches who coached problem areas of the team this year had those problems because of lack of talent at certain positions (O and D lines). That won't be a problem next year.

Sorry, the last thing this team needs is to add someone who's been out of the loop for three years.

Darn...and I was excited when I saw Jeff Reinbold on the list

(please note sarcasm in above post)

I think this is Marcel's job.

From what I've seen and heard...the players like him...the management like him...and so far most fans are pleased with his "direction" ...his willingness to try something different ...he's brought a bit of "swagger" to the team. :thup:

I'm pretty sure MB is safe as the HC for 2009. However, I'd add Rich Stubler if I was Obie. The guy's proven his worth as a DC. Remember, even though the Cats beat the Als last weekened, their D was still shredded.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Als shred all D's. They are a scoring machine.

Creehans' D has kept a lot of teams to less than 30 points a game, and the times they didn't, it was hardly their fault (ex. the Ticat offence turned it over multiple times).

The players respect Creehan and will run through walls for him. He communicates with players often throughout games, and they listen. Once we shore up the D line, the D will dominate under Creehan.

After listening to Stubler in interviews this year, I honestly think it was Toronto's players rather than his intelligence that made their D succeed. Now I wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.

June Jones SMU would explain Jeff Reinebold, receivers coach at Southern Methodist.

Right now, I would like to see Bellefeiulle as head coach next year. I think he could be a good HC. I would keep D-Mac as OC. As far as DC, I would try and get Stubler, he is known for his defense and would be welcome edition to the coaching staff. I think he would be much better than Creehan and his 3-4 blitz.