Was at the game the other nite section 20 only to hear about 6 sask fans taunting and dicreminating 4 younger boys A guy sits down beside them im guessing to protect when he left they continued to razz these kids as the older guy came back a cop approached him swearing at him telling him to shut up or leave now. As the game went on these guys all joined in on what seemed to be some heckling at the end of the game a sask fan wearing a melon asked the older guy if he wanted the helmet over and over he said no a guy infront of him grabbed the helmet and through it on the feild. Immediately the same cop came down to not the guy that threw it started swearing at him and aressted him and it wasnt even him who did it.
I know this has nothing to do with the ticat organization but this is disgusting in my eyes that HAMILTONS FINEST CARRY ON LIKE THIS AND IT SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO SOMEONES ATTENTION
Any feedback would appreciated.

So, why didn't the guy who actually threw the "melon head " fess up to the cop?.....or others in the area correct the cop and point to the melon tosser instead of watching an innocent person get arrested ?

Seems there is more to this story that we aren't hearing.....as is usually the case. :roll:

soory he did but the other guy was already tossed and the guy who threw it was next my point is the cop paid no attention to the sak guys who were calling these kids and went after the innocent guys

Well, I don’t know the details but I can say that cops are generally pretty sharp and see the larger picture in these types of situations…and if by chance any of this was fueled by booze on both sides, then what does it matter who gets the boot ?.. :wink:

In our section, it's usually the Ticat fan who gets the boot regardless of what has actually happened. I sit in that area and I can say that if they were throwing out someone they should have thrown both groups out. We ran into some Sask fans on the way to the game and they were very nice fellows. We had a little friendly joking and it was fine. Those guys sitting in 20 were idiots. They liked to shoot their mouths off to kids, but didn't have much to say to any of the grown-ups who said something to them. Besides, one of the guys was wearing green velour pants... that was more than I could handle lol.

I just want to know how anyone could waste a perfectly good watermelon by making it into a hat........I love the stuff ! :lol:

i totally agree banshee some of the stuff they were saying was totally ridiculos like they hate the city they hate the league etc etc .... the guy says then what are u doing here LEAVE

i totally agree banshee some of the stuff they were saying was totally ridiculos like they hate the city
Have you never heard the stuff [u] we[/u] say to Argo fans about Toronto ?? :lol: :lol:

C'mon, I hope we in Hamilton have thicker skin than what you are suggesting :wink: :cowboy:

Is there no number to call or text to notify security of such issues? If someone is going over the line all game long and security doesn't see it than someone needs to notify them.

Yes you are totally correct!! Why would somoene wait 3 days and then post on here.