Hamilton's dynamic duo

A dynamic duo has emerged in the Ticats offensive backfield.

Ever since Terry Grant was added to the 42-man roster in Moncton, Hamilton runners have smashed and dashed their way through opposing defences.

Two weeks ago in Moncton, Grant’s first ever CFL regular season game, Cobourne and his understudy rolled up 196 total offensive yards and three touchdowns.

Last Saturday night in Toronto number 21 and 22 accounted for 231 offensive yards – 89 of which came on a burst of daylight to the end zone.

By Justin Dunk http://www.cfl.ca/article/cobourne-and- ... ynamic-duo

Crash and Flash! Gotta love em :smiley:

Thinking back to last year and how pathetic our running game was, we have to give Obie credit for addressing this.
Cobourne and Grant have elevated our running game beyond my expectations.
Now that we are entering into the fall season when weather can play a role in the passing game our excellent running game is even more important!
A massive upgrade over last year! :thup:
While I’m looking at improvements from last season I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Obie brought in Medlock to address our poor kicking game last year.
Medlock has been fantastic, another massive upgrade over last year! :thup:

And some credit to both Khari Jones and Brad Miller too. :thup:

While I thought Cobb was a decent back who could put up overall numbers, he was terrible in crucial yardage situations, whether by turnover or lack of results.

Granted it was his first two seasons in the CFL, and we could have maintained the status quo, although our team is built to win now. Rebuilding or major development projects are not condusive to this teams' aspirations.

Colbourn and Grant provide the Cats with the right mix of veteran leadership, and youthful athleticism.

Opposing defenses are scrambling against us now. :rockin:

And on top of the dynamic Duo (Crash and Flash! I love it, 15_championships!), the opposing defenses have to also deal with the speed of Williams and Thigpen.

Absolutely CK.
And while I admire the tall lanky players with great catching ability, speed and elusiveness from the smaller players are much more exciting and fun to watch.

Way to go 15_championships, you heard Khari Jones speak…

As of now there is no nickname for the duo of running backs.

“I’m sure somebody is going to throw one out there real soon for the two of them, but as long as they keep doing well, I don’t care what you call them,? Jones said.

…and you responded! Great nicknames. I’m really excited that they both seem to get along so well together as well. This duo will win us many games this year. (You might even have to update your moniker!)


Another great read from Drew Edwards on Terry Grant.


Terry Grant was going to be a star. Maybe not an NFL star but most definitely a college football star, carrying the ball for one the most storied programs in U.S. college football, Alabama, playing for one of the best coaches on the planet, Nick Saban.

Highly recruited out of high school – he was Mississippi Mr. Football after running for 2,700 yards and 36 touchdowns his senior year – Grant exploded for 891 yards and eight touchdowns his freshman season with the Crimson Tide, leading the team in rushing. He was destined, it seemed, for the kind of stardom found only on ESPN College Game Day.

And then... well, and then a slow decline that even he seems at loss to explain. Injuries certainly played a role but Grant says he just fell out of favour with the Alabama coaching staff. He recorded just 35 carries for 88 yards his sophomore season and the following year carried 40 times for 166 yards.

“I just couldn't get back in the rotation,? the 24-year-old Grant says. “And I didn't know why.?

And so he quit. That wasn't what they called it – Saban said his departure was due to injuries – but Grant says the reason he didn't play his senior year was deeper and far more personal.

“I just didn't want to do it anymore – it felt like the love for the game was gone,? Grant said. “I didn't think they needed me and I wanted out.?

Grant stayed in school, adding a Master's degree in management to go along with his undergrad in youth development – he was a two-time conference academic honor roll selection – and did a little working out on the side. Slowly, the body and the mind recovered.

“I felt like I was done with game but I stayed in shape just to be sure,? Grant said. “Eventually the love of the game came back.?

Of course, there was still more waiting to be done. Grant made the Ticats out of training camp – his explosive 54-yard touchdown run in a the pre-season finale against Montreal was a glimpse of his potential – but spent the first 11 games of the regular season watching from the sidelines.

“I was prepped from my time in Alabama – that's all I did there my last few years, sit and wait,? Grant said. “When I came here, it was the same thing but guys were in the background telling me to be patient.?

Chief among Grant's supporters, veteran running Avon Cobourne who has willingly shared his CFL knowledge with a rookie coping with the unique challenges in the CFL.

“He's been great,? Grant said. “He's been in the game a long time and he's taught me a lot.?

Looking to spark his team after a woeful two-game losing streak that saw them struggle to score touchdowns, head coach Marcel Bellefeuille created roles in the offence for Grant and return man Marcus Thigpen, who moved to wide receiver full-time.

The Ticats have put up 82 points in the two contests since – both wins – and Grant and Thigpen have done more than their fair share. Grant has 341 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns while Thigpen has 354 yards and two scores.

But the two aren't going to catch opponents surprise any longer.

“Thigpen is in the starting receiving corps and they're going to see Grant in the game,? Bellefeuille said. “We understand that our opponents know that and we have to do different things. We have to mix it up.?

For Grant, the humility he learned at Alabama has carried over. He's come to realize that impatience and frustration are useless to him and to savour the moments of success.

“I don't know why I was put in that situation – I'm still waiting for answers myself,? Grant said. “But I'm here in Canada, playing ball and playing great. I'm just going to keep it up.?[/b]

Duane Forde gave them this tag during the game last week.

Which is which?

8) I would imagine that Avon is "Crash", and Terry is "Dash".

Yeah sorry guys, can't take any credit for that nick name, heard it during the broadcast and I think it was Glen Suitor who came up with it.Brilliant nick name, let's get some signs out there now.


How about Crash and Burn?

Colbourn is "Crash" due to his physical plow through style of play..

And Grant is "Burn" as in he will burn you with his amazing speed.

8) Ooops, I guess I've made up a new name for him already !! :wink:
8) By the way, If I remember correctly, the last time we even had a name for our 2 dynamic running backs, would have
  been in 1977-78, when we had "Thunder & Lightning", who were Doyle Orange and Jimmy Edwards.

  What a great tandem they made together !!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

How about Trash and Burn?

I'm pretty sure he called them Flash and Dash and not Crash and Dash and by about the 3rd time they
said it I was already tired of it lol

I like Crash and Burn.It’s both descriptive and aggressive.

My thoughts exactly Banshee... I even made reference to it in the GDT too...
Please Black.. do NOT pick nicknames for our players....... sigh!