Hamiltonians coming to Regina!

Hey Ridernation! Me and three buddies are heading to Regina to watch our hometown Ticats take on (and hopefully beat) the Roughriders. We fly into town on Wed, come back to the Hammer the following Monday. Any suggestions on what to do when we are in Regina. We are in our mid 20’s and clearly like to drink and any bar suggestions would be great, but we are also looking at other tourist type things to do…

Can’t wait to get to Regina!! GO CATS!

Well, there are some things... Help anyone? lol

Well.....you could go to the malls and look for cougars....or you could go to the bars and look for cougars.....and cap it off with a good cougar-scouting at Mosaic on Saturday night.....

Are you people telling me the only thing to do in Regina is cougar hunt...come on people! This is your city / province. You should be singing it's praises!

Hey man.

Depending on what time you get in on Wednesday, The Cathedral Free House will work for you guys. Cheap beer night, and more often than not, a good night for some ladies. The earlier the better for a patio seat. It's not a night club, but it is a good drinking establishment with the best patio/deck in town.

Thursday night, it used to be JD's (a little on the sleazy side), and probably still is the place.

Friday, I would say eather the Pump (country, but they do play regular music as well) or Habanno's.

Sites, well, there is always the RCMP museum and training grounds. A visit to Wascana park and lake is a must, one of the nicest urban parks in north america. If you golf, Deer Valley, no where else worth looking at, IMO. Take a trip north of the city to Regina beach during the day, about 35 minutes away (if you rent a car),oh ya, and a nice deck overlooking the beach.

Pleanty to do, enjoy your stay!

THanks Cujo!!!

No Worries.

JDs or the pump are pretty busy following Rider games too. I am planning on going to JDs after the game with some friends. As an aside, it is not quite as dirty on Saturdays as on Thursdays (Ladies night) but there is still a relatively large percentage of hooches and cougars.

Go Riders!!


....definately stay away from the club called 'COUGARS AND HOOTCHES WITH STDs"....it's full of cougars and hootches with stds.......

....what is a 'hootch' anyway?....you darn younguns and your slang....

You've obviously never been to Regina. The best thing to do is to take a trip up to Saskatoon.

You think the Cats have a chance? Is Joseph playing? I'd love for the Cats to win, but I'm not holding my breath. The Riders should be extremly fired up for this one after the loss to the amazing Eskimos.

Have you ever been to Edmonton, just go straight to Calgary!

....definately stay away from the club called 'COUGARS AND HOOTCHES WITH STDs"....it's full of cougars and hootches with stds....... :lol:

Hey Red and White, I saw your mom there and my friend, well, you know... (Just kidding bud) :stuck_out_tongue:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Thanks!

We just have to try a little harder to make fun here in Regina. One of my favorite Rider game memories was a couple years ago when we played in Edmonton in the West Semi-final. Me and my buddies were going to make the trip, but for whatever reason our travel plans fell through, so instead we changed the christmas lights on the house to green and white, hung a few Rider flags in the yard, shoveled off the front step and moved the big screen out there and watched the game in the front yard with plenty of weisers to keep us warm. It was the closest thing we could think of to actually being there.......good times....good times.....


That is classic!!