Im expecting Hamiltons best game of the season on friday. Remeber they played the Lions pretty close earlier in the year. And you know Casey will be excited unless his spirits been crushed already.

and the Lions will be excited to kick Printer's no good butt

I can just see Casey spending much of the game sitting on the field looking around and asking what truck just slammed him

This should be interesting to see Printers on the other side . To see how good he looks when our guys are trying to stop him .

Its to bad Lumsden is injured because that dude is an awesome running back. I knew Printers wasn't going to help them a great deal because their receivers have butter fingers.That Armstead dude should be called Armsdead.

I think if we're able to contain Printers in the pocket, it will be a long, long night and trip back to Hamilton for the Ti-Cats.

We can't take Hamilton too lightly, but I would love to see our defense have a very, very strong game, and sack him all night!

Casey is going to be hyped for the game. While I suspect BC should win this game easily. I wonder if Casey becomes a distraction. It is possible. For BC it will be a balancing act. Do they burn themselves out focusing on Hamilton and Casey or do they play their regular game.

Have they announced the starter for the game is it JJ or Buck or Dave. This will be a good tune up game for Dave.

Umm... the game's in Hamilton. It's the Lions that would have to worry about a long trip home.

OH look, CP is hurt again. And I thought DD was made of glass. DD is 35 and CP is how old?

That CP sure is injury prone , or so it seems. He's already been hurt a couple of times since coming back. Really it was a shame he left early .But ,IMO, Williams looked better than CP.

I think the Ticats have potential.
Zeke Moreno, Casey Printers, Terry Caulley, Jesse Lumsden, JuJuan Armour, Nick Setta, Nautyn Mckay Loesher. Now they just have to get some chemistry. I give it 2 years as long as they don't make tons of changes.