I have seen that this is the only team with no wins

why would they need to move???

Because they are not winning! 0-6

So moving a non-winning team from an established fan base would accomplish what, exactly?

this is the dumbest poll ive ever seen

Well then, you obviously didn't see the poll about Maas/Ray ear size. . .not on this site, though, thank god. . .

so its hamiltons off-season they’ll bounce back into it either the end of this season or next season

Andy is probably 10 years old and wouldn't know a first-down from a field goal. Hey, doctor, my arm hurts! Well, the doctor says, "let's cut off your leg. That will make it better"
What do the fans have to do with the product on the field Andy625? Make a connection between the two and I will give your suggestion some credence.

This ranks up there with that one. Maas by a landslide sorry! Could not help that.

What the....??????