Hamilton Woes

A week old but great satire.

...that's just mean

The Labour Day game at home is their Grey Cup, and they have a week off to prepare for it.

Is Huntley trying to be funny ?
If so, epic fail.
Not funny, just pointless and stupid.

I thought it was pretty funny. Each to their own, I suppose.

The Bearverton News is a satire site, and it was supposed to be funny. All you have to do is read their Canada News or World News and look at the headlines - it's all funny stuff, not real articles and NOT a Beaverton newspaper it's an on-line satire site.
I was following a British satire site called the Southend News, it's all made up satire stuff that will make it's way onto other sites and some people take it seriously. I think Beaverton trying to copy Southend.
Check out Beavertons news about the Eclipse

Also a Cat fan & thought it was funny. Although to be fair, Hamilton fans have had to be able to find the humour since 2000 or so.