Hamilton wins in Calgary for first time in 18 years

For the first time since 2004, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats went into McMahon Stadium and handed the Calgary Stampeders a loss on home field.

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I love the way Tim White just dropped the ball and trotted off like a pro rather than acting like he won the Grey Cup. Biggest TD of the year for the Ticats and he carried himself like a pro that had “been there before”.


The Calgary Stampeders wasted a golden opportunity in Week 19 at home versus the Cats. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: The Stamps special teams let Cats returner Lawerence Woods ramble 47 yards with less than one minute in the game. :question: The Cats needed 2 plays to find the end-zone with 11 tics on the clock. :bangbang:

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Agree. No backflips or chorus lines. Like the late great Ron Lancaster would say, "act like you've been there before."


Jon, I took notice of that too. You are right on. Very classy and professional. I'm so sick of the ridiculous celebrations that go on after scoring. The most disturbing one this year was in BC after the Lions scored, a bunch of the them were bouncing around like chimpanzees. Really?!?
Is that necessary? What other messages is that sending? I was shocked to say the least.
Give the ball to the ref and move on.


Aceguy, I agree. If I didn't know better I'd almost be willing to say they threw the game. It was not like a typical Stamps preparation and execution. Very sloppy.
I almost thinking it's a setup, because how much the announcers kept talking about the 18 years and such. I was saying to myself, ok are you guys telling us they're going to win?
Hmmmm. Just a thought.


I believe you just enjoy stirring the pot - I bet you support New England Patriots and their inflategate nonsense too.

Regardless - this was a great win for the Cats. Their defence played tough football and were the real heroes - the offence came through when it needed to, but it almost didn't. Evans did what was needed, but he needs to learn how to play a full game of good football - he still concerns me - but congratulations to Evans and White!


I'm just stating the facts- :exclamation:My 2 favorite teams are the Edmonton Elks and my hometown Argos :bangbang:

You have to wonder how much Jake Maier's contract plays into the decision making to leave him in after 3 INTs. You have Bo Levi Mitchell on the bench and didnt trade him for an asset - yet you don't want to put him in a winnable game?
Maier completed 26 of 35 passes for only 250 yards. Good game but nothing jumped off the page.
If there was ever a chance to get Bo some reps this was it.

You have stated NO facts at all - only suspicions based on nothing. It was a great game for the fans to watch and an important win and loss for both teams involved - there was a lot riding on this game. There was absolutely no reason for you to spread the idea that Calgary threw this game - what kind of nonsense is that?


Agree. Charges of game-fixing do an injustice to the professional players on both teams.

Greg McRae does that too. Guys like that are ice.

It's a great trait to have for those times when your capsule's out of control and you have to switch to manual just before you hit the atmosphere at 17,500 mph... but then suddenly you realize that you have to stop off at the store to pick up chip dip (with that coupon that's about to expire) in time for the big game but the stores close in 15 minutes.

Me? I'd go to pieces.


The Ticat Win (or Stampeder loss) takes away anty hope Rider Fans have of a Cross-over playoff. I guess it's time for the Rider VETS like Fajardo to head off to the curling rink now.
Ticats now face Ottawa twice and we all know how Ottawa has been playing.

Is that two facts, or one fact with two elements? Either way, its hard to argue with the fact(s) when its your own truth. The bottom line is that Hamilton outplayed a poorly prepared Stampeder team.

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I really believe that the CFL game is the best one out there. Our players are just as good, but terribly underpaid. We should try to support them in every way possible. I think the way this season is ending is just great - we have a number of teams in play-off mode and the season will have to go down to the end to decide who makes the cut - we couldn't have asked for a more exciting scenario - so let's stop with destructive ideas and words of games being fixed or thrown - it just ain't true. Leave that kind of thinking to south of the border and let's appreciate what we have - the CFL!


At the end of a winning streaks, teams are losing games they should have won. At the end of losing streaks, teams are winning games they should have lost. The reverse is true during the streak. The Bombers winning streak at home came to an end when a kicker only needed to boot the ball through the end zone even if he missed a short FG. Hamilton's 1st win after 7 straight away losses, & not winning in Calgary in 18 years came to an end DESPITE an awful call by the coach in the last 2 minutes giving away a TD that should have won the game.

This year we have seen more streaks than I've seen in any one season in a long time. Ottawa's still working on a 10 game home loss streak, only interrupted by a 22 game streak by a win in the middle. The Elks are still on a 15 game streak, Riders have lost 5 in a row & 5 @ home in a row. Very weird season. Will these end this week? :sunglasses:

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Well the coaches tried their very best to throw the game..they didn't even try to hide the fact.Well we got lucky & it looked like Evans throw away the play book or at least stop listening to ex-coach Condell & worked the miracle...White was amazing.

Come on we all saw them try their very best to throw that game...no one even in public school goes for it with the lead deep in their own end with that time on the clock...even the worst rookie coach won't do it...there must be an inquiry into this one.

only if you mean by when you say WE ALL SAW you actually only mean only yourself while on day 5 of a meth rampage.

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