Hamilton @ Winnipeg

Even the cameras are in disarray in Winnipeg

Congi..... is....GOOD

3-0 Cats

Did not like the play handing off to Giguere - fooled no one and lost yardge but at least we strike first blood - even if it is just a FG!

Jesus Christ -- there's a time and place for Lefevour, but that wasn't one of them!

Well the D did their job.. .round 1 Hall vs the Cats D

Cats D 1 Hall 0

Cats D 1 Cats O 3 Hall 0 :smiley:

New Long snapper for the bummers tonight, Ian Wilde.....

Close call for Jones on that return yikes :?

Lets see what Hank can do with this lousy field position

HUGE gain by Gable.. .GREAT call!!!!

Nice FD Ellingson,

Fantuz P/U 9,

Gable P/U a FD to the Bummer 38!!!!!

thought that pass looked pretty soft for an inside flag route… RB going deep… go fig

Speaking of kick units I noticed that Bartel is still holding for Congi - Andy lost his job!

Nice plays by both Gable and Walker!

Looking good so far!!

Doing all right so far, nice screen PU for Chevy!!! :smiley:

Andy Fantuz P/U 8!!! Nice Pass LeFevor!!

Walker gets another FD !!! Keep it Up!!!

Ellingson draws the HUGE flag... PI Bummers!!!

TD DELAHUNT!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely - ready to strike with help from a PI and we have TOUCHDOWN! YEAH!!


TD Cats!!!!!!

10-0 Cats after the Congi

91 yard drive, Fud YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks!

The offense is smoking!

surprisingly one of the most deserved non-muggings of a PI call this year.

go cats

10-0 Ticats with an assist from the desperate Bummers!! Now time to put Hall out again. Nice way to use up some clock time too!