Hamilton @ Winnipeg

The Cats are looking for a winning streak, no better team to do that against, than the Bummers

Pre Game 7:30 PM
Game time 8:00 PM


Alternate Viewing - TBA


PLEASE no Rod Black!!!

Go Cats Go!!!

bomber beat writer, paul friesen, wrote an article which mentioned how horrible max hall has looked in practice this week.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/08/14/bombers-should-bank-on-buck-pierce-or-itll-be-crowtons-last-stand]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2013/08/14/b ... last-stand[/url]

i suspect we see buck pierce by the 2nd half.
then, he will be the starter for the remainder of the year and we'll hear, "buck gives us our best chance to win" crap all over again.

hamilton wins big, imo.

Just over an hour to kick off..

Agree DG.. Cats win large... Burris has a field day!

Looks like wind will be a factor -- forecast @ 30 or more km/hr pretty well straight up the field from the SW throughout the game.

If the Cats do not win both of these games, wow and especially with a team in such disarray.

Agreed, time to go for the jugular!

Stala's dressing! Charbonneau-Campeau sits along with Dile, Marshall and Bussey.

I thought that kick off was at 8 pm with pregame show on @ 7:30

It is

Pre Game show is now on!

30 minutes to kick off!!

Looks like Crowton pretty much just said.. "I'm hanging my hat on Max Hall"

Looks like he will live or die on this kid's success

My guess is that he will die on that one! I can NOT see Hall being ready to win after such a short time in the CFL!

Cats are wearing white on white -- nice boating attire.
I know it's not a popular look, but I like it.

They could be wearing purple tights with pink tutus for all I care.. as long as they win!! :lol:

Kick off is upcoming.. GO CATS!!!

It's game time
We need this win.
Let's go Cats

Cats to receive, Chevy gets to the 30

Time to start quick Offense!!

what the hell TSN, get your tech together already

Ellingson with the Cats 2nd 1st down

Who determines which uniform the Cats will wear?