Hamilton @ Winnipeg

Winnipeg D looked brutal to me on that first possession...

I'm liking the start. .time for the D to do their thing!

Is it just me, or have we seen these two teams play each other three times already this season?

As if Thigpen has scored TDs five different ways. Damn... :o

Eskimos don’t even have 5 TD’s yet this season, do they? :lol:

Wow! Just like that it's 14-0. :o

We're trying to spread out TDs out over the season. :wink:

Imagine how much better Toronto would be with AB3 and Cory Boyd together. Instead they gave him away to their arch rivals because of their incompetent coach. The guy's a beast.

Marcu Thingpen 5 in 5 different ways is pretty sick too. Props.

Based on Hamilton's first two possessions, it appears it is quite possible I picked the wrong team to win...

Bruce continues his torrid pace.. he is unstoppable.... Earl the Pearl's number is magic for Bruce!!

That opening play by Hamilton looked somewhat the same as did Calvillo's opening play last week vs Sask.

You're not the only one... I didn't think Winnipeg was going to forget to show up... :?

6.5 minutes in, and Winnipeg's still possibly in the dressing room...



Hey, the Bombers woke up!

Well I'll be damned...Winnipeg realized there's a game goin' on...

there! that time Edwards caught it all by himself!

Could be in for a shootout tonight!

Hamilton needs to make Thigpen their back. Cobb sucks.

Since we know that the ref's don't call holding, perhaps the Hamilton O-line should consider doing a little bit of it.