Hamilton @ Winnipeg

Game is about to start. If it's OK with everyone else, can we actually discuss the game tonight? :lol:

This is the fourth and final match between these two. Should be a good one!

Go Cats (even though I picked Winnipeg to win)! :thup:

I say at LEAST four missed holding calls in the first minute and a half, leading to at least six points...

Edit: Never mind...someone else beat me to the punchline...

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Wow, am I ever looking forward to the Bob Young interview!

It should take my mind off of those 37 missed holding calls on the first play!

Man these refs are biased, and the fans are making a beer snake out of the cheerleaders skirts!!!

sorry, Chief...just had to mess with you a little :smiley:

Mess with me? I was making fun of cflisthebest when I started the number of missed calls game. :lol:

Poor Sheep...

I've already seen 12 missed holding calls costing 6 TDs!

Oh, don’t do that! He’s had such a hard life, getting cut from minor football, and cheated out of a university education…if only they had recognized his talent…he would’ve been the first ACTIVE player in the HoF!!!

It's a shame cfl won't be joining us tonight...

Says who?

did you banish him?

I just assumed since he's not online and Sask isn't playing. Now who will count all the missed calls?

'scuse me...I should clarify...who says it will be a shame? :lol:

I appreciate the fact that Wendy's starts with a fresh tomato, and then they hand-cut it.

I am curious...is there any other way to cut a tomato? It's like pointing out that something is pan-fried. No kidding...

I’m starting to like you and Chief a lot more these days! :smiley:

We should PM between a few of us and establish an Over Under number for missed calls as decided by him in the next Riders game!

...dude from My Left Foot could cut a tomato with his feet...

The Bomber retros look nice, but what's with the stuff the coaching staff is wearing? Why is it yellow instead of gold? :expressionless:

Nice! That's how you start a game. :smiley: