Hamilton @ Winnipeg Preseason #2

Well with a great start to the 2015 preseason last Monday night June 8th at THF and a sold out stadium the Cats had a nice win against the Redblacks and showed us fans some good QB's with Mathews and Harris and great plays by Holley, McDuffie, Toliver, Underwood and Tracy.

Now it's round two of the preseason Friday night in the Winnipeg and the Cats are starting to look like last years group that were bitten early in the season with the injury bug, who will be the new players to watch in this game?

I hope they play Michael Ford at RB I would like to see if this guy could transition from the NFL to the CFL game, with Gable gone for 4-5 weeks, Madu for the season it's going to be critical to have a solid pair of RB's and hopefully Woodson will get some playing time.

At QB I think we will see Collaro's this game at least for a quarter or two and Masoli, possibly Mathews or Harris again, try and get some playing time before the regular season start June 26th in Calgary.

Stay Healthy & GO CATS GO!!!

Gable was only projected to be out 4 weeks, and that was over a week ago. Since then, he tweeted that he may not even be out that long. If that's the case, he may miss a game or two at the most, before returning.

This game will have great importance to some of the bubble players as the final cuts will be made after this game to get the roster from 65 players to 46.

The TiCats will have to set their initial 46 man roster by June 20th

Final Roster Cuts – Saturday, June 20

"As of 10:00pm ET on Saturday, teams are required to reduce their roster of players under contract to 46 active players (excluding 6-game injured and those transferred to the one game injured list). Three of the active players must be identified as quarterbacks and a team must carry a minimum of 20 National players. Also known as ‘Cut-Down Day’."

Line up for tomorrow

Many notable players missing from this chart, mostly injured players - and a few who I hadn't heard were injured but might be. But I think the biggest thing I see here is at QB. Masoli listed as #2, and Mathews, who looked very composed out there last week, isn't dressed. This makes me wonder whether this the order for our QBs in Austin's mind, or are Masoli and Harris dressed because they're the two fighting for a roster spot - and the clipboard? In other words, is Mathews currently the #4 QB, or is he out this week because Austin saw enough last week to know he's our #2 guy?

Interesting depth chart indeed: On defense...6 healthy starters(Butler-s/Reed-mlb/Hickman-de/Hall-dt/Laurent-dt/Lawrence-lb) not even dressed as presumably a precaution to prevent against more injuries from occurring,another starter from last year(Stewart-db) dressing but lining up as a backup linebacker behind Harris instead of his usual backfield halfback spot.
On offense (OUCH !!! all out with injuries)...no Tasker,Sinkfield,McDuffie or Toliver at receiver...no Gable,Grigsby,Woodson at running back...no Figueroa,Simmons on the line. And at QB...Masoli taking 2nd string reps with Mathews getting the night off after his impressive debut performance last week against Ottawa.
Should be an interesting game too bad it's not on TSN or being streamed. I'm not to interested in if we win it or not,just hoping that no more of our players go down in this one with more injuries.

I'm pretty sure (and Drew seems to agree... lol) that Matthews looks to have leapfrogged over everyone to secure the #2 job behind Zach. I don't know if you saw the first game or not, but Matthews had a very impressive game, and Harris also looked pretty good against Ottawa too, so Masoli could be fighting for his job tomorrow night. Who knows? One of the two (Harris or Masoli) could suffer a devastating lower-body injury (hangnail) and be put on the Injured List. Stranger things have happened...

Also interesting to note that the depth chart lists 10 Cdns as starters, 3 over the minimum ratio needed for a regular season game. The ratio doesn't apply for preseason games, teams can basically dress and play whoever they seem fit regardless of nationality. It just goes to show that even with all our injuries we still are very deep in Canadian talent,possibly the deepest team in the league when it comes to National depth on our roster. The team with all the injuries is still dressing 27 Cdns for the game tomorrow night which is 6 over the regular season requirements for a game day 44 man roster.

Canadian Starters listed on depth chart for tomorrow nights game:

Offense : sb-Andy Fantuz, wr-Matt Coates, fb-C.O.Prime, g-Peter Dyakowski, g-Ryan Bomden, c-Mike Filer
Defense : de-Arnaud Nadon, mlb- Fred Plesius, cb-Courtney Stephen, s-Mike Daley.

Slated Canadian starters not dressing (healthy)

s....Craig Butler
dt...Ted Laurent

Canadian players not dressing (injured)

s....Neil King
rb...Anthony Woodson
wr...Giovanni Aprile
dt....Evan Gill (draft pick)
dt....Martin Pesak(draft pick)
lb....Ron OMara(draft pick)

Canadian players gone for the season on IL

dt...Brian Bulcke
dt...Linden Gaydosh
wr...Spencer Watt

Nice!! So some new guy joins this forum and starts shooting his mouth off in the few posts he's made. Good luck lasting around these parts for long. :roll:

Grover thanks fore the updates on the depth chart for this game, we sure got hit with the injury bug again.

Playing many starters in the second preseason game is good, it lets them get the offseason rust off as the regular season
only a week a way.

I still don't know why with TSN having the broadcast rights to the CFL and what five sports channels? Why they just don't broadcast all preseason games, I mean it's only two games per team but at least it gets the momentum going into the regular season and it's better than this idea of broadcasting two or three games, TSN picks and chooses and they usually end up showing an Argo game like last night.


Just in case anybody's interested here is the Bombers depth chart for tonight's game.

Are the broadcasters in place and is the game being broadcast on 1150. Minus Rod Black! Has it been decided if there is going to be a post game 5th Quarter type show following the games this year?

8) Yes, the game will be broadcast on 1150 CKOC.
  CHML is saying that they will still have a 5th Quarter Show after the games, hosted by Rick Zamperin.

Wow! Super glad to hear that not only will there be a post game show but that it'll be on CHML and hosted by Rick. Coach Sal in the booth and Rick taking calls after, gotta love it !!

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So is 900 CHML doing the fifth qtr all season??

I respect your input, Bob. But is it really an insult if it's completely true? I will prove it:

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  2. He refused to apologize once he was proven wrong, which is extremely stubborn; like a mule.

Also, ignorant is not an insult, as it implies a lack of knowledge, which was true in his case, and is calling someone a mule really any worse than stubborn?

I use this thing called logic and real world thinking in reality, which is never received well by those who lack basic sense and logic (ie. ignorant people).

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Doesn't it bother you at all when fans senselessly trash the players that work for you? Maybe it may upset them that you don't stand up for them on here.