Hamilton/Winnipeg/Montreal QB

One thing that I haven't seen posted here is Hamilton depth at QB compared to Montreal and Winnipeg. We have two solid QB's (KG and QP) and one capable QB (AT), as compare to our eastern rivals who have both proven weak wtihout their starters.

Wow, imagine what our season/playoffs would be like if both AC and MB go down tomorrow. I can't see Montreal or Winnipeg lasting with their starters gone. Let's hope Sunday's game turns into a Defensive battle.

I was thinking the same thing particularly when one has a bad calf and the other apparently a hamstring problem. I make both of them run tomorrow by either defense. Bishop gone, Winnipeg gone. Calvillo gone maybe a better chance for the Als but I'll take Glenn in an East final rematch. A Mcpherson vs Porter/Tafralis a pick'em. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day on both Cavillo and Bishop which is good for us!

I know we all want the Cats to win, but its important (to me at least) that we beat them with their first stringers in the game for the full 60 minutes.

Yes, I am aware that football is a tough game, and injuries "happen", but I'd regret any deliberate attempt to injure to take out the premium players.

"I" think we can easily defeat the Spies, whether or not Bishop is playing.

"I" think that AC has some personal "respects", if not "fears" of what our D can be like, and that we can beat both him and his team.

Now, don't go quoting me, or debating me, because my "nerves" are going to be literally in "rags" for the next few weeks, but I hope all Clubs play to their highest potential, and give us great games, and "the best of sport", and may God Send that the Cats come out on top!

Please understand, if it appeared from my post that I am in anyway advocating deliberate attempts at injury that is not my intent. I agree beating a team at their best, is best.

Your funny

QP a solid QB? Seriously?

You saw what happened when he was starting. If Glenn goes down we're screwed.

QP is as solid as the team in front of him. We were winning with him as often as we were losing. We are in good shape

Man are you off your meds. QP would not of had a chance today. The quick rush by Sask. would have eaten Qp for lunch. He hesitates and frankly doesn't look like he knows what he is doing half the time.
I say if Glenn goes down we are done.
Doc 8)

Could he have put up 7 points? Probably. Thats all we needed. The defense has won the past 2 games. BTW knock off the personal attacks They do nothing to help your cause.

I'd be surprised if Porter was in Hamitlon next year. He was baby'd more than any QB I can remember in this league since Nealon oddly enough another Marcel project. Porter did not improve in almost two years, he painted a bullseye on his forehead when he made remarks about his pay and frankly I think it might be better for both to go their seperate ways.

He'll be back. If he isn't it will be someone else's gain

I don't know man. Who is Porter ? The guy who owned Montreal last year or the guy complaining about his salary and holding on to the ball too long all game long ?

He'll be back but I doubt he will be starting. And possibly could drop down to number three behind Tafralis if the coaching staff gives Adam a fair chance.

Yes, the defense played great but this game is all about momentum.

If the offense isnt on the field handling time of possession and scoring points. The defense gets tired and cant keep Sask to 6 points. Im not anti-Porter I think he has potential for next year, but honestly if hes in there going 2 and out, I think the defense gets tired. Therefore giving up more points.

Getting back on track, the Cats are in better shape than Montreal or Winnipeg should the starter go down? Correct or not?

I say probably yes

I think were better than Winnipeg but I`m not sure about Montreal. Macpherson looks pretty good.

Yea but the drop off is such a big factor that we win that trade off

MacPherson looked good against us in relief... did NOT look so good against the Bummers in a starter role...... he aint ready!!

I hope your right!

Shouldn't matter. AC will play in the Eastern final. Tomorrows game doesn't negate the need for the Cats to beat Winnipeg in the semi after Calgary wins tonight