Hamilton-Winnipeg Grey Cup games

This year’s Hamilton-Winnipeg Grey Cup game will be the 11th time teams from the two cities have met to battle it out for Lord Grey’s mug. As far as I know, that is a record for the number of appearances involving the same teams since the first Grey Cup Championship in 1909.

The first Hamilton-Winnipeg game was the amateur championship in 1935 when the Winnipeg team (the 'Pegs) beat the Hamilton Tigers 12-8 at the triple A grounds in Hamilton before a crowd of 6,405.
They met next in 1943 when the two amateur teams were known as the Hamilton Flying Wildcats and the Winnipeg RCAF Bombers. Hamilton won 23-14.

In 1953 the newly-named Hamilton Tiger-Cats beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 12-6.
The Tiger-Cats also won against Winnipeg 32-7 in 1957…and again in 1965. The score was 22-16 and was the last time we beat Winnipeg in a Grey Cup game.

The last time we played Winnipeg for the Grey Cup was in 1984. We lost 47-17.

Hamilton has been represented in the Grey Cup 30 times (amateur and pro) since 1910.
Winnipeg has been in the Grey Cup 24 times since 1937.

I became a Tiger-Cat fan in 1961 when I was at Central High School. For me, the greatest rivalry for the Grey Cup between Hamilton and Winnipeg occurred 6 times between 1957 and 1965. We beat Winnipeg twice between those years.

Lets hope the record books will show we did it again in 2019.

That would be EARL Grey’s Cup.
It’s LORD Stanley’s Cup for the NHL.

I thought this was the cup of Earl Grey.

Bomber fan here. Just came to congratulate you guys for making it to the Cup. You sure made it look a lot easier than we did.

I’m hoping for a good, competitive game next week (and for a Bomber win).

I don’t think there has been a better or more consistent team in the league than Hamilton this year and the Bombers are going to have to play their best game of the year just to compete. Thank goodness the game is not in your yard!

Anyway, best of luck and congrats. I’m glad it is down to these two teams. We respectively have the two longest droughts despite the fact that we have the two best fan bases (IMO). May the best team on Sunday win!

All that really matters is what the old 1982 Texas Instruments™ Speak and Spell© that we call the CFL simulator has to say.

On his death, the titles passed to his nephew, Albert, 4th Earl Grey. He was the son of General the Hon. Charles Grey, third son of the second Earl. Lord Grey was governor general of Canada between 1904 and 1911. He was both Earl and a Lord

Anyone hear if the stadium will be open playing the game on screen?

It’s going to be so flippin great when we beat winterpeg

And one year after commissioning his hockey trophy, Lord Stanley inherited an Earldom as well.

Displaced: No. I am correct. But I must admit I stole the alternate description of the Grey Cup from Dick Beddoes, the great sports writer in the Globe and Mail back in the 60’s.

He was right. According to the UK Forms of Address Earl Grey was a Lord:

An earl has the titleEarl of [X]when the title originates from a placename, orEarl [X]when the title comes from a surname. In either case, he is referred to asLord[X],

Also…here’s a quote from someone who should know…Prime Minister Wilfred Laurier:

In fact, he was so dedicated and involved that then-prime minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier saidLord Greygave "his whole heart, his whole soul, and his whole life to…etc

Classy post. Thank you. :slight_smile:

A little more non-football reading on archaic English titles:


Man I was posting on the Rider forum this past week.

Talk about safe space. Very entitled class.

Glad that we have a fresh match up for this season’s big game! It seems rather fitting that the last time Zach went to a Grey Cup was with the Ticats in 2014 and now we’ll all be back there once again. It was good to see him so happy and excited after the game. And somehow it’s a bit ironic that Zach started the season playing against the Ticats and is going to end his season playing against his old team once more! I’m happy to see that one of the two teams with the longest GC drought will get to end that drought next week Of course I’m hoping that it’s the Ticats!
Looking forward to a great game next week! Guess we’ll see who gets to go home with Lord Grey then! Good luck too!

Two longest current droughts of 20 and 29 years. Adds up to 49 years combined.

I am guessing that this is the longest “combined drought” ever in a Grey Cup game. I have nothing to back this up, which is why I said “guessing”.

(I would not count teams competing for a Cup who had never previously won it, like OTT 2015. Lack of existence is a sure-fire way to prolong a drought.)

Riders fan here and congrats on winning the East Final and getting to the Grey Cup. If I had to choose a 2nd favorite team in the CFL it would be the Hamilton Tiger Cats. You guys have a classy organization all around. Hope you guys take the Grey Cup on Sunday

The Grey Cup games between Cats and Bombers in the 1950s and 60s were always exciting. I just started following CFL football in 1958. I recall the period when Winnipeg beat us in the GC: 1958, 1959, 1961, 1962. That last meeting was played in Toronto during a terrible air pollution/temperature inversion event - the so-called “Fog Bowl”. It was played over 2 days (final 9.5 minutes on the following day). Bombers were led by QB Kenny Ploen and RB Leo Lewis, and coached by Bud Grant. They only beat us by a single point (28-27), although we were the better team. It was almost impossible to see the plays on B&W TV because of the fog.

Going to be a long week!

Never did I ever think that we would lose in the Fog Bowl. It was the first time that my heart was broken in football. I think that I have been looking for pay back all these long years.

This will be it!!

I was less than 2 weeks old for this one…

Of all the Grey Cup losses to Winnipeg since 1957, I still remember my disappointment over the Fog Bowl loss to Winnipeg. Even more than the 47-17 loss in 1984. :frowning: