Hamilton will see the Stampeders again this year

This, copied from the TSN website:

"The Toronto Argonauts are being forced to play their third home game on the road this season.
According to TSN's Mike Hogan, the Argonauts will face the Calgary Stampeders at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton on October 17.
An announcement is expected sometime this week"

If this is true, the right thing to do is to support this event. Throwing full support behind this will only show well for the city, the fans of the ticat’s/league and the Ticat team itself.

I agree! :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Chewbaca1973 ,right on!
Like going to a Grey Cup preview in October (tongue in cheek ) who knows ,the Blew team could stumble out of the East ,they seem to have the RB's number ,Als are gonzo ,they could with RR .Who knows?I'm going.That new Stadium is looking like heaven to the Refugee Blew team! Cue Tom Petty...."Refugee "
Makes me wonder why they gave the game tonight against the RB's to Ottawa???WTH?? :cowboy:

Because it was the only place where they could draw a crowd and the Argos did not object to playing on the road again.
If the Argos had a losing record on the road then it may have been a different story.

It's doubtful that many of the 5,000 Argo season ticket holders would have made the trip to Hamilton and I doubt anyone from Hamilton would pay $50 to watch the Argos/Ottawa. Look at the first Argo home game in Ft MacMurray against the Esks, they expected to attract at least 12k fans from Edmonton but there was barely 4k in the stands.
It won't be a big crowd in Ottawa either but probably around 15k.


the only time the Arhol's should be in our stadium is when they are getting their arses kicked by us!

This wouldn't be the only night the Argos might be playing a "home game" at THF because of the World Series. Since the dates of MLB playoff games are set now, if the Royals lose in the 1st round and of course, the Jays win, Rogers Centre will be used on Friday October 23rd and Friday October 30th by MLB. The Argos have the Als on the 23rd and the Lions on the 30th. There are no conflicts with Cat home games on these two nights.

Hamilton fans can boo both teams!

In the future - Grey Cup game, date and year to be determined;
Calgary vs Toronto :rockin:

The only time I want to see the Stamps again this season is in the Grey Cup............against the Cats !!!!! :rockin:

I don't think you can count on the Royals losing. What happens if they meet the the Blow Jays in the ALCS? What blew team games might be affected by that matchup? :slight_smile:

The royals have been horrible for the last month but had such a huge lead in the division, it didn't matter. They will lose to the wildcard winners in round one. Jays and Yankees or jays and Astros in round two.

Don't be so sure, the Rangers will beat the Crap Jays.

Okay, if the Royals win their first series and the Jays do too, the October 23rd game will be played in Kansas City because KC got the #1 seed. And if the Jays get to the World Series, the Argos will get booted out of the Roger Centre on October 30th, because MLB has set that date as an American League home game night.

No I'm wrong. October 30th is a National League home game night. So after all that, it's only the October 23rd game (Als @ Argos) that might be played in Hamilton, if the Royals lose their first series.

Sorry guys but I screwed up again. On Saturday October 17th, the Argos play the Stamps at home. The highest remaining seed in the AL has a home game that night. If the Royals lose their first series, that game might have to be played at THF. So in the end, it could be two Argo home games (the 17th and the 23rd) in Hamilton.

Man, am I ever stupid. Oct 17th! That's how this thread started.

i'd like to go for $15 but probably not more than $20. seeing how Braley jacked the RC prices, i doubt it'll be priced to fill the stadium.

The Ticats have complementary ticket offers on the table for that game. I've signed up for it.

Skydump may be available after tomorrow, with todays loss the Blew Jays must now win the next 3 out of the 4 games remaining to advance to the next round, A huge loss today with Price on the mound.