Hamilton Wild-Cats on NFL network


I guess they're half right, haha.

Ha... I was wondering why the city's Aussie Rules team would be on the NFL network.

Can't wait to see them play the Tiger-Cats, should be a doozy. Maybe we can have a sell-out.

Nice research Captain. Well, whatever works I guess.

since that looks like Cleo Lemon and Cory Boyd there... how can that be Hamilton??

Its not a Hamilton game they just have the score on the bottom of the screen.


The NFL Network is on fire this season :lol:

Funny thing is, :lol: Toronto is hosting NFL games and they can't even get the city's name right. :thdn:

Wow, the Wildcats traveled to the future to play Winnipeg. I'm impressed.

So this ends the argument once and for all.....Hamilton Wild Cats/Tigers/Tiger-Cats is officially the oldest professional sports franchise in the world.......and we have also won 15 championships (not eight)


By the way, they were close.........it's Trawna! :lol: :wink:

If you pronounce it as spelled, it will sound like a mid-west (Chicago area) accent. The way my wife's Chicago relatives would say it... "Toranto".

They must have spelled it (phonetically) like someone in the studio or art dept. pronounced it :slight_smile:

They may have even looked it up on the interweb:
Not sure I'm going to use these guys to book my next trip....

Maybe they contacted Phil Lind at Rogers and he got confused thinking the NFL was asking about Cleveland and since he really knows Cleveland he just muddled up and wrote back the first thing that came into his mind that sounded like Toronto. 8)