Hamilton where good QB's get run out of Town

Anthony Cavillo - picked up by montreal
Cody Ledbetter- couldnt afford to wait to become a starter and retired
Jason Mass - tryin to salvage his career with the Ti-cats with horrible O-Line and no stand out recievers
Timmy Chang - how can u learn a game when u are thrown on ur backside ever few seconds
Danny Mcmanus - gave us our last grey cup then got traded to Edmonton to finalize the Jason Mass trade
Khari Jones - not given much of a chance
Rocky Butler- Cut before the 07 season (seems to have left early enough to save his career in Toronto)
any other Qb's that showed promise before arriving feel free to share I only put Danny on this list because i feel we should have kept him to help Jason Mass and if need be Back him up for the 06 season

Pete Gonzales was good too!

I would say few of the men on your list were run out of town.

Most played themselves out of town.

All but Calvillo IMO played their way into the doghouse

How can anyone say Maas has not been given a fair opportunity. He has made the same mistakes over and over. Just when it looked like we might have a chance he drops the ball again.

Let’s not forget Brock Ralph dropping a pass right in his mitts the play before, that would have been a first down.

Ralph makes that catch and the Maas fumble doesn’t happen.

Maas shouldn't make that fumble in a game of pick-up.

In hockey, it's called "squeezing the stick too tight". What it means is...when you're struggling and trying TOO hard, you over grip the stick (ball) and you lose the soft hands that allow you to perform at a level you should.

Plus, I don't know the temperature on the field today, but that ball must have felt like a greased pig in the hands of most of those guys.

Cannot argue there. Tom Clements was, IMHO, and that cost us a couple of Grey Cups in my estimation.

It is fair to say that Ticat fans are about as vociferous when a QB is struggling as any set of football fans in North America, however. I don't rule that as inherently evil. Nonetheless, when the QB development strategy has historically gone astray, it's made that vitriol even more toxic.

Oski Wee Wee,