"Hamilton, We've Got a Problem!"

It is obvious that the Ticats' serious kicking and punting problems are becoming obvious to many (even casual fans) (read on)

It's nothing new, the Ticats have been having kicking problems - the poor placekicker' problems are becoming legendary - and the punter's only consistent tendency is being near the bottom of the league in net result and allowing double digit punt returns (regardless of which team he's with)

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But the fans need to realize that this bad situation is not as much the players' fault as the front office's fault

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I have a friend who works kicking camps down south during summertime and he told me about
a guy he worked with this past summer (I don't remember what my friend said the guy's name was, so we'll call him "X Man")

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X Man was with the New England Patriots as a punter during camps last year. My friend said that X Man is obviously a very talented kicker and punter and it is very quickly clear to anyone who watches him (as he did at these camps).
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X Man told my friend that he sent out tapes to many teams, including New England and Hamilton. When he was invited by the Patriots for a workout in Boston (signed several months later), he knew that Hamilton was having kicking and punting problems, and called to offer to come over to Hamilton (at no cost to the team) and work out for them as well.

HAMILTON TURNED HIM DOWN - CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??? - AS BAD AS HAMILTON'S KICKING GAME IS AND HAS BEEN - and New England (Super Bowl Champion three out of last five years) signed him several months later (read on)

This was ________________________ (you fill in the blank) on Hamilton's part (read on after you fill in the blank)

And oh, by the way, X Man was in a camp with Fleming this spring down south in Nevada and outpunted Fleming by a ridiculous margin - (read on)

My friend asked X Man if he had heard from Hamilton since NE released him, and he said
their answer (when he called them again, no less) was that X Man was not a Canadian [ignoring the fact that two of their three conference opponents now have import kickers or punters] (read on)

THIS IS FRONT OFFICE INEPTITUDE (PURE AND SIMPLE) - so back off these kickers and blame who is responsible - the front office -even Fleming himself had to be laughing when the team drafted him in the second round (read on)

Meanwhile the Ticat brass will keep handing their fans this inept kicking game - and not even look at someone the Patriots found good enough to sign - (read on)

Oh well, Ticat fans can always join the front office in singing the seventeenth chorus of "But at least he's a Canadian"

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I did a long time ago.

x men are fictitious

and not even look at someone the Patriots found good enough to sign -
Apparantly they found him BAD enough to release

Hi Fedup:
If what you say is true, and I have no reason to say it isn't, we may have missed the boat on a good kicker.
Hang in there, looks like the team just brought in a guy (Myers) who shows a lot of promise. (And he's American too).

Anyone else get the feeling that these "one off" posts - hyper critical posts from users with 1-2 posts total - are the result of three or four people signing up with multiple IDs so that they can push their pet gripe and make it seem like it has broad support?

Why dont you call up your friend and get his name so maybe someone will be able to find something on this guy, although if he was bad enough to be cut by the patriots, he cant be that amazing. See Ruffin and his lack of accuracy/leg strength

Could be the voices in their heads... :o

I can't speak for anyone else but I found it very annoying to be constantly told/reminded to "read on".

:lol: AJB why would you think that? I believe it is just an [i]overwhelming[/i] coincidence :roll:

Well, if you would have included actual names here instead of "a friend" and "X Man" I might have been a lot more inclined to give your rant some credibility.