Hamilton VS Winnipeg -Should The Cats Throw The Game

So by 11:00 pm on Thursday night the Argo/Sask game will be over. If the Argos lose and we all know they will should the cats throw the game to get the first pick?

I am not sure what the difference between the 1st and the 2nd pick in the draft will be this year, but it is evident in other sports ( ie the 2009 hockey draft everyone want John Tavaras).

If the fans are paying to come out and see the game, they deserve the best effort from everyone on the field. I don't believe a team should ever throw a game.

Our first picks the last two years haven't worked out that well. Unless there's a truly dominant lineman (o or d) up for grabs it doesn't seem to matter. It would be nice to beat last years record though, then there would be actual proof the team is improving.
I don't think any team, or player at this level in football would ever consider throwing a game regardless.

How many games has this team won outside of Ontario in the last 4 years.
I would bet that you could count the victories on one hand.

*I just got off my a$$ and looked it up.
A grand total of 2.
No road wins 2005
2 in 2006
No road wins in 2007
1 road win-Toronto (Still in Ontario last I checked)

The only way the Cats win is if as expected the Peg'ers do not play their regulars a full 60 minutes.
Winnipeg has nothing but pride to play for, so I highly doubt they will risk an injury with their playoffs starting next week.

So it looks like this team just might get that ever so elusive win outside of friendly Ontario :slight_smile:

Another Game I don't want to win..

Throwing games is utterly ridiculous. It's totally unprofessional. Pro athletes should play to win every game. If the organization actually admitted they were going to throw a game then everyone should be fired and replaced. It would be totally disgraceful.

As a fan I expect the team to be prepared and compete for every win. I can't believe as a fan you'd actually WANT the team to lose in order to preserve 1 spot in the draft.

No matter what the results of this weekend's games are, the Cats will still have 2 of the top 3 draft picks. Plus, third place, and ahead of the Argos, sounds a lot better then worst in the league. I'll gladly give the Argos that title. So let's go out there and beat the heck out of Winnipeg this weekend!

Re; this thread:

You have to be kidding!

are you serious? The CANADIAN college Draft??
It doesn’t mean a thing, who came out of last years Canadian draft? There’s very little talent these days except for one or two offensive linemen.

time to scrap this draft and scrap or reduce the Canadian content

Here’s 2008’s top 30 pretty slim pickings -

First Round

  1. Hamilton, Dylan Barker, S, Saskatchewan;
  2. Calgary (via Edmonton), Dimitri Tsoumpas, OG, Weber State;
  3. Calgary, Jesse Newman, OT, Louisiana-Lafayette;
  4. Saskatchewan (via Toronto), Keith Shologan, DL, Central Florida;
  5. B.C., Justin Sorensen, OT, South Carolina;
  6. Winnipeg, Brendon LaBatte, OL, Regina;
  7. Montreal (via Saskatchewan), Shea Emry, LB, UBC;
  8. Hamilton (via Montreal forfeit), Sam Giguere, WR, Sherbrooke.
    Second Round
  9. B.C. (via Hamilton), Rolly Lumbala, RB, Idaho ;
  10. Saskatchewan (via Edmonton via Toronto via Edmonton), Jonathan St-Pierre, OL, Illinois State;
  11. Edmonton (via Calgary), Greg Wojt, OL, Central Michigan;
  12. Montreal, Andrew Woodruff, OL, Boise State;
  13. Toronto, Mike Bradwell, WR, McMaster;
  14. Saskatchewan (via B.C.), Michael Stadnyk, DL, Montana;
  15. Winnipeg, Aaron Hargreaves, WR, Simon Fraser;
  16. Calgary, (via Edmonton via Saskatchewan), Fernand Kashama, DL, Western Michigan…
    Third Round
  17. Hamilton, Michael Giffin, RB, Queen’s;
  18. B.C. (via Edmonton), Justin Shaw, DL, Manitoba;
  19. Edmonton (via Calgary), Tim St-Pierre, LB, Saint Mary’s;
  20. B.C. (via Saskatchewan via Montreal), Jason Arakgi, LB, McMaster;
  21. Toronto, Jean-Nicolas Carriere, LB, McGill;
  22. B.C., Mike McEachern, LB, Western Illinois;
  23. Edmonton (via B.C. via Winnipeg), Justin Cooper, DL, Manitoba;
  24. Winnipeg (via Edmonton, via Saskatchewan), Darryl Stephenson, RB, Windsor.
    Fourth Round
  25. Edmonton (via Hamilton), Sammy Okpro, DB, Concordia;
  26. Edmonton, Jonathan Hood, DB, St. Francis Xavier;
  27. Calgary, Ronald Hilaire, DL, Buffalo;
  28. Montreal, Terence Firr, WR, Manitoba;
  29. Toronto, Delroy Clarke, DB, Ottawa;
  30. Saskatchewan (via B.C.)Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge, OL, Montreal, ;

Bauman has had a pretty good year considering he has been used sparingly he is 3rd on the team in receptions and has mainly been used as a possession receiver. 600 to 700 yards for a receiver who only gets in when it is 2nd and long is pretty good IMO. He has been steady this year and not dropped a lot of balls. Barker got hurt so we shall see when he starts at safety next year. Giggi is on the PR for Indy (he'll be back at some point) But don't throw the game for the love of Pete. Go out play hard and keep building towards next year. Not to mention give us something to hold on to for the off season!!

I don't agree with the premise that the Argos are certain to lose tonight.They,too, are professionals playing for their jobs next year.I think they are quite capable of beating the Riders,thus making your "throwing the game" point less than moot.
I would like to see us with the first pick in the draft but Obie and the Cats aren't about to throw in the towel. Afterall this is the Canadian Football League,not professional wrestling or soccer.
Go Argos!
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Doesn't really matter one way or the other, we will probably trade away some of our good players for "draft picks" anyway! :twisted:

For what it's worth, I don't think we should throw the game, but I think there is a good chance that this game will appear to look more like a pre-season game as it means nothing to Winnipeg, and Hamilton will be in "evaluation" mode to some degree. As we have seen in the past couple of years, teams have rested injured players if possible in the last game of the year, and I am sure this will not change.

It would be nice to get the first pick in the draft, but second will probably be as good. We haven't had much luck with the 1st pick overall, so maybe we will be better off with the 2nd pick.


I hoping for Argo win cause then it don't matter if we win or lose..
I want that 1st pick it has trade Value
If The Argos lose then I hope we do as well.
If the Argos win then a win or loss dose not matter as we have the 1st pick..

I think it means a lot.

Sure, not everyone drafted goes on to have a great career, but neither do they in the NFL, NHL, NBA, or any other league.

But just thinking about the Ticats, what about players like Jesse Lumsden, Rob Hitchcock, Rocky DiPietro, or Tony Gabriel, among others? They didn't mean a thing?

You forgot to say "again" :wink:

The way things have been going this year, we'd try to throw it and it would be intercepted :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be pretty pissed off if these guys didn't give their all out there just to get a draft pick that probably isn't going to help us out. We've endured another hellish season and the only thing that has kept me from completely losing it is that I know these guys go out there and play their hearts out every week.

I completely agree with PC45 that throwing a game is ridiculous and unprofessional.


I wanna see the ticats kick butt. Who cares about the small difference between quality of top two draft picks. Yet, even it was huge, if the cats, or any other team was to deliberately lose any game for any reason, I would want that team to fold.

Right now the Argos our Kicking Ass 21-7 so it may not matter if we win.
I hope they keep it up.. Go Argos go .. (I can't believe I am cheering for the Argos :oops: )

Even though Printers is starting?

that only would lesson my expectation of their chances.