Hamilton vs Toronto

I believe in Canada it is illegal to home brew anything above 14%alc, but am not positve

Here I am allowed to distill one quart at a time (perfect for my setup) and 120 liters of wine at a time.

Broadcaster loses nothing either and some would argue that since the commercials are part of the stream is actually accessing a market he has no access or right to. So TSN is definitely not getting damaged, the league isn’t getting damaged. So who is incurring harm or loss here ?

Still illegal.
I don’t honestly care, all I am saying is that posting it is not a great idea. Would you make a thread called ‘links to watch games for free’?

So is spitting on the sidewalk :wink:

I like the idea of posting it even if its up for a couple hours. Gives a chance for people to know where to find it. Once the cat is out of the bag , they are good for the foreseeable future. yeah pull the thread :smiley: