Hamilton vs Toronto

Why didn’t they have a better angle? :roll: :frowning:

Anyway, with catches like that by Inman and me on the roster to punt, just think how many more fine catches he can make?

You have Coors Light Iced Tea in Canada? Can you say gross?!

supposedly the humidity inside the closed dome (due to rain) is quite dense, which likely contributed added fatigue.

I can believe it, even the field looks sweaty in some camera shots.

Horrible decision IMO to throw out Waters for just a PAT. Cats would’ve needed a TD or 2 FG either way. What could’ve been a 4 week recovery could now be 3-4 months. At least Prefontaine is still around.

wow, CJ Gable with a huge drop. Wow.

Both teams shot themselves in their feet with awful defence, and then the Gable pooped the bed with that pass drop with two heavies in front of him for the end zone! :thdn:

I hate to see what looked like a good game end on such miserable failure.

I like good offence, but I feel bad for MadJack after that clownish display of defence.

Last night’s game was better I say.

Last night's game was crap. This one was a lot more exciting. Yeah, the drop by Gable was awful, but it was still a good game.

Site’s been updated to say just shy of 30,000.

looked like a good number of ticat fans padded the attendance, still sounded like a decent crowd

Great game. Good atmosphere. Nice attendance.

Probably not a great idea to post direct links to illegal streaming

just saying.

Fixed for you. :wink:

It’s just one of many sites like last year for most games, and like others I help out all who can’t get the game in their country on TV.

We’d be watching on TV if we had that option you know.

In the US now we have TV options for some games, but those outside of North America do not have those options and need to be able to catch the action too.

If no real defence is exciting for you, well that’s good. I just watched the highlights for the first half because I missed most of it, and wow :roll:

illegal is illegal…doesn’t matter how you spin it.

There is no harm here. If this was a pay per view type event you would have a point but stream complete with commercial for someone in a market with no broadcast option causes no harm to any party.

right…except that it is still illegal and the broadcaster gains nothing from that viewership not broadcast.
If I have no liquor store in my town, is it therefore legal for me to make my own Rum? Nope!

Depop who said you are the law? If you don't like it, obviously go the other way. You are not a moderator either, so quit trying to act like one. :thup:

Also in the US there is the law on one’s side for fair non-commercial use, but this is not about litigation and lording over laws as apparently Depop wishes to incite though is entitled to his forceful opinion as the rest of us quietly go about watching the CFL online as we have for years when we have no other option on TV.

Yes, how dare me “forcefully” support the law in black and white…you know, the way laws are intended to be.

Actually it is. I make my own Scotch and Wine and there is a liquor store down the street. I just can’t sell it.

Same in much of the US though it depends on the state, county, city, or parish(LA) …some outlaw for liquor and some are totally "dry.

There is an exemption for personal production and use like there is for most matters in most jurisdictions.

Law enforcement and the courts also could care less when the public-at-large is not harmed even when someone is in violation of the law given plenty of serious crime thriving including especially the drug trade.

Meanwhile even President George Washington made his own moonshine only years after cracking down on those doing so since the founding of our country.

The trade in moonshine thrives bigger than ever over 200 years later too, but of course those doing it for rampant commercial trade rightfully find themselves under scrutiny and enforcement with heavy penalties.