Hamilton vs Toronto

Friday Night Football Double Header how have I missed this!
Hamilton vs Toronto to kick the Night off.
I got Hamilton to Upset tonight and Under 56.0 Points.

My Game Preview is here for Hamilton vs Toronto

[url=http://canada.skyleraction.com/cfl-hamilton-toronto-opener-preview-expert-picks/]http://canada.skyleraction.com/cfl-hami ... ert-picks/[/url]

Who do you guys got tonight?

Toronto is the better team, although their defense is questionable. But with this matchup, analysis goes out the window. Whoever has the most adrenaline and makes the most plays wins. I just have a hunch that the Cats will pull it off, but could go either way. This is a pick'em.

I'm torn. I like Hamilton, but I'm pretty sure I picked Toronto. :?

I bet MadJack isn't enjoying this game. :lol: Defence seems to be optional.

Gimme a break. Where IS everybody else in Canada. This is what you might call a "mildly exciting game." :smiley:

31-25 in the first half. This is crazy! Unless the D's make serious adjustments, both teams could flirt with scoring 50 points.

Also, sometimes Dunnigan's commentary is a little too folksy. :lol:

Oh man you got that right; what a joke.

What is the defense you talk about? I don’t see any :wink: Talk about advantage offense. Wow.

Both teams with big changes in the secondary in the offseason, lots of new faces, and it shows.

You can’t win 'em all. BROKE THIS WITH 1:30 TO GO IN THE 1ST HALF. :smiley:

yes, but I love the guy. :thup:
His analogies are just hilarious.

Everyone go home?

"For those of you just joining us ..."

[url=http://firstrowus.eu/watch/193247/1/watch-hamilton-vs-toronto.html]http://firstrowus.eu/watch/193247/1/wat ... ronto.html[/url]

My job sucks big time and I'm trying to get rid of it for reasons like being late tonight even on a Friday night to catch this action!

This looks like a good one, but really is anyone playing much defence? I have not seen much of that but for a pass knock-down in the last 3 minutes.

Dunigan and is that Miller? Woohoo!

Time to pop out the drinks for this double-header!

No catch did not have control and evidence inconclusive ...

Is it me or have Dunnigan and Miller been taking shots at each other all night? :lol:

To me, those guys are the best announcers for the games! I wonder if they had a drink before the game and then end up heading out for more to live it up after to watch the other game!

This game is turning into a war of attrition. The high-flying teams of the first half are limping to the finish.

Offenses run out of gas at halftime or just really good defensive adjustments? Two very different halves so far.

Now healed from a bad left knee but coming off a high ankle sprain at age 41 6-0 200(after training, now 205), the way Dontrelle Inman punts, I'm heading up to see family in the Florida Panhandle this week and so will also train for the Argos in order to be their new punter.

Look for me out there in about 3 weeks to replace Inman.

When I am signed, I can ditch my job for the rest of the year too and move on at last.

And if they need someone to drop kick it, I can do that too as a bonus. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't know if I would've called that a TD, but there's no way they could've overturned it, not with the angles shown.

Sounds and looks like a big crowd in TO anybody have attendance figures yet?