Hamilton VS Toronto - Predict the Score

ARGOS CANT WIN. :smiley:

hmm score: hamilton 28
Toronto 25

23-10 Cats


34-18 Hamilton

42-10 cats!!!!!!

Tiger Cats:0
Blue flamers:0

Tiger Cats are awarded the victory as the blue bums concede by failing to show up.




Squish the blue fish. Sink the ship. Snuf the big smoke.

Oskie Wee Wee.


ticats 34
argonuts 13

My confidence was slightly shaken last week but I am bouyed by the thought that the Cats can't beat the Argos two games in a row :smiley: and the Argo defense will do up their chin straps for this game.

Toronto 23
Black & Yellow team 11 :cowboy:

If you dont want to call us the ticats at least call us the black and gold team please. :smiley: lol

I have to concur with mikem here. More effort from the A*&^s and more playing time for the Ticat B-team will produce something like:
A*&^s 25, Ticats 21

prediction for the game 24-10 argos. Just that the cats do not play well back to back against the argo.

Beasts of the East :24
Double Blue Dimtwits:10

Argos 13
Cats 24

Tiger Cats 31
Argos 21

Cats 28
Argos 6

I think this game will be a lot closer than last weeks. I'm guessing at a final score of 31-28 in favour of the Ti-Cats.

Tiger-Cats 31- 10

A: not true

B: in the official prediction threads you couldn't win anything if the argos won, even if you got the right score.

28-24 for the ti-cats

Ti-Cats 41
Argos 24