Hamilton VS Toronto - Predict the Score

Be the first to correctly guess the final score to June 9th's game and I've got something for you.

Of course, your guesses have to be in prior to kickoff.

Best of Luck.

35-14 Hamilton.

27-17 Hamilton

21-10 Hamilton

Both teams will probably put a little more of their scheme into this one and play their starters for a quarter or so more than last week...

Toronto has way more room for improvement over last week's game than Hamilton... I think that will show, but not enough for the Boatmen...

Hamilton: 34
Toronto: 17

The season opener should be a better game and set the tone for the remaining 3 encounters but Hamilton's depth on offense is quite good at this point...

Ricky Williams will only be as successful as the 5 men infront of him, and Kent Austin's strategy.

28-17 Cats.

36-20 Hamilton

And I'll go a little further...lol...I think Ricky Williams may even pull off a big long run for a score for the Argo's...silencing his detractors...but not enough offence from them to beat us.

If Ricky gets past the line and outside...he will be dangerous, but our "D" will be up to the task! He might fool them once but not often enough to dominate! the guy is good but it takes a "team" to win!

Hamilton has a great "TEAM" on both sides of the ball!

37-24 cats

27-14 CATS

I think tommorow's game will be really competitive for both teams I still think Hamilton will win but the score will be lower as a result of guys battling for jobs.

Hamilton 30
Them 20

24-13 Hamilton

hamilton 29
toronto 24

Hamilton 35
Toronto 10

Weird how we never see a prediction going the other way.....especially when it's the Argos playing......even throughout the 16 in a row, you'd never ever see a prediction the other way.

And you never will as long as I'm alive TO. PS. Let go of the past.

Cats 30
Blue Team 17

:lol: Good call Borehamgirl.

Tommorow is going to be a great day. Go Cats Go

Hamilton: 10
Toronto: 7

21 -13 cats

Ticats will rest Maas and Toronto will wake up, therefore:

Argos 26 Ticats 20