Hamilton vs Roughriders

Taylor Field - Tiger Cats are looking to have a share of first place with the Argos.
Two decent QB’s, thus Durant vs Burris…[Special teams - Riders :rockin:…ect.

Will Andy leave with a huge smile, or will the crowd, who loves picking on Heeeennnnnrrryyyy, taunt Hank into frustration. Will Andy get hit in the side of the head with a box of Fantuz Flake while he is on the sidelines?

The Cats are coming off a clinic like offensive showing. They appear to be hitting stride, and have a little revenge on their minds after the shellacking to open the season.

the Riders off a devastating unraveling, have seemed to learn from mistakes thus far...but there were several really bad calls late last week...will they learn and recover?

Lets go TiCats!!!!

Thier has been so many close games lately, this one should be as well. Hope the home field advantage comes thru for the big Green Machine. Alot of injuries on the Riders right now. Chamblin is getting good at juggling the line up.

The thing about the Riders and Taman and coach Chamblin is that they have prepared themselves for all of this. First by some great scouting of new imports to bring into the league instead of the same old retreads. Each week Chamblin finds something to improve on and does it.
They were the most prepared team coming into the season by far and it has shown. They will definitely finish this one out and Chris Williams has not come up against a punt and kick coverage team like the Riders have. Sam Hurl has really taken charge as a rookie. those draft picks who chose another year of CIS will see what a mistake they made as their are so many canadian rookies in the league starting and leading special teams. Chambers, Heenan, Norman, Lavoie, Hurl just to name a few. Once the next CBA and TV deal are signed these guys will reap the benefits of the higher salaries

The PusssyCats will lose this game. Gooooooo Riders Go!

My heart says SASK. @ home but my head says HAMILTON and the reason for my picking Hamilton , to win.

Are SASK. for real?
Are Hamilton for real?

Hamilton , will want revenge for their last lost against , SASK. but SASK. , are very tough to beat at home.

This game should be another CFL classic.

It's so much nicer on this forum when the Rider's lose, LET'S GO TI-CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's hope the Ticats losing streak continues at Mosaic field.

Pretty good first drive, and kudos to the SSK coach for going on third down twice. I like that aggression.

And to mention Durant on the two opening plays; complete on the out pass to both sidelines...7-0 Riders lead

Congi's first game back?

Getting sound hiccups here.

Pretty sure I picked Sask in the VGCC, but seeing as how I'm already 0-2, I'm cheering for Hamilton. :lol:

It's a great day Chief - 13-7 Roughriders lead after the Milo Fieldgoal....Half time

Good drive by Hamilton - TD Williams from Burris all tied at 14..6:00 left in the 4th
Durant answers with big TD pass.........21-14 Riders

Just because I said I was going for Hamilton, Sask's going to win. I've the absolute worst sports jinx. :x

Hamilton continues to be underwhelming. They showed a stat about Hamilton being outscored in 3rd quarters. Think it said 57-17. What exactly is the coach saying to these guys at halftime if they're coming out this flat week after week? :expressionless:

Forde's being a bit of a smartass tonight, eh? :lol:

Enter [Sandman] / Riders move into blow out mode - 33-14 Roughriders