Hamilton vs Ottawa (total point series game 2)

Perhaps start the thread now - huge game to end the regular season. Go Cats Go [ Hamilton by 8 ]

I think both teams will play much better.

You will see some TD's in this one.

I will re-state. Cats just need to tie with 6 to get 1st.

Does a win for Hamilton guarantee the top seed (better divisional record)?

Or do they need to outscore Ottawa by 6 (aggregate points)?

The latter.

It's basically half time in a really, really long game.

Ottawa by a landslide now that Hamilton has no pass game in addition to already having no run game, with Matthews it looks like being out with a concussion.

But either way at least Toronto won't be hosting a home playoff game with the abysmal support they're been prone to getting at Skydome. Can look toward brighter days and leave it all behind a little sooner (if they had hosted).

Haha, okay cool. Thanks.

Argos might even knock off the Cats.

I’m terrified of a Rakeem Cato scenario.

I wouldn't be surprised if they did. It's hard to beat a team 4 games in a row in a season.Plus the fact that the Argos have now gone 0 for 5 this season at THF and have never won there in 6 games going back to last years Labour Day game and are due. The air of invincibility of the Cats has also gone off the bloom at their new digs as well after winning their first 10 games at THF they have now gone only 1-4 at home in their last 5 games to end the season.

Ricky Ray or Trevor Harris vs either Jeff Mathews or Jacory Harris at QB ? Yup that just about says it all. The only thing that I think will save the Cats this next game against the RB's is if they can get a defensive TD or two or maybe a return TD from Banks, otherwise we will be seeing the Argos and Cats in the Semi's next week at THF and honestly I don't like their chances if that indeed does occur.

This is why I'm not marching down Bank street with a flag just yet. You damn near GOT a defensive TD already and I have no confidence in Ottawa's kick coverage teams. We've been saying for weeks that one of these days a punt/KO return is going to cost us big and the door is wide open for that to happen now.

And Hank often smiles less the bigger the games get, doesn't he?

Things have just gone to well and I'm not used to it. I'm nervous as hell. :oops:

The only other saving grace for the Cats is that they are only down by a 6 pt margin. If it wasn't for our defense and some ill timed dropped passes by the RB's earlier on in the game the score could've easily been 21-0 instead of 9-0 . Thankfully for us we only lost by 6 pts. If you ask me the Cats with a more efficient red zone offense might have won that game but the RB's on the other hand could've won by a much larger margin if it wasn't for our defense holding you to a mere 12 pts which on most occasions should be enough to ensure a victory by any team but obviously not enough when your own Offense only can put 6 measly pts on the scoreboard themselves.

Boy I hope we see some more action in this game than the last one with the half-time interviews with Hank & Simoni?

The last game was a real sleeper with a total of 18 points scored by two teams all in field goals, Big Time Yawner, I might as well be watching the Buffalo Bills play??


I'm thinking a much better game on both sides of the ball, if the officials let them play. It's unfortunate that Mathews is out. It's the CFL and anything can happen game day. I usually have a pretty good gut feeling about how games will go, I have no idea on this one. As I mentioned though, as long as the officials don't try and control the outcome, they seem to do their best and have done so all season. Ottawa's defence is as good or better than any in the league, especially the defensive line and linebackers. If Burris settles down, the RedBlacks will be hard to beat. Should be a good one.

Hopefully in Ottawa the wind won't be as big a factor as the last game.

Because of Hamilton's defence, I think this will be a close game as well, unless the Cats QBs blow up.

The weather forecast is looking to be sunny and around +10. The new configuration and buildings at Lansdowne has created a bit of a wind tunnel at one end for the kickers, but like you said I hope it's not as windy.

Whoa, let's not do anything too drastic now!

No, I covered this in the other thread.

All Ham needs to do is win by 6.
They would be tied which would give the Cats 1st place because they would have the better points for/against difference.

As it stands now Ham is + 155 while Ott is - 6


Jeff Mathews probably wishes he was still at Cornell, throwing beach ball passes and doing some book learning. He ain't pro caliber and is scared of CFL defences.


All Ham needs to do is win by 6. They would be tied which would give the Cats 1st place because they would have the better points for/against difference.
Why would Hamilton get the win if they tied? I don't see what the overall seasonal better points have to do with it. They will have only played Ottawa the two times, and these should be the only points that count. If they score more than the 6 extra points, they win. Anything less than that, it's game over. Or, a tie could send them into overtime, and Ottawa wins. :wink:

Wouldn't it be strange if it's tied and goes into overtime and Hamilton scores a TD with their first possession to go up by 7, Ottawa could decide not to even attempt to score a TD and just kick a FG on their first possession to end the game, Hamilton wins but Ottawa gets 1st place.