Hamilton vs Ottawa -thoughts of the game

I thought we played a pretty good game tonight winning 25-21.


Both quarterbacks had a pretty good game

Hayden Moore 15/22 68.2% 176 yds 2 TD 1 INT
Dane Evans 11/14 78.6% 96yds 0TD 0 INT

For the running backs it looks like Sean Thomas Erlington will probably be a starter but no one really stood out.

As for our receivers, Jaelon Acklin had a pretty good game with 8 completions for 73Yds. He was our best wide receiver tonight and should win a spot on this team.

Also Justin Sumpter, Marcus Tucker and Josh Crockett looked pretty good on offence also.

Bralon Addison had 2 catches for 21 yds and Mike Jones and Shamawd Chambers didnt have many throws to them. I would like to see what Shamawd Chambers can do next game.

On defence, I would like to see more of our backfield next week against Toronto because there were times where Ottawa was wide open and Richard Leonard had to make a play on another man that wasnt covered by a rookie ticat player.

I thought James Allen DB looked pretty good.

I also thought the kicker Michael Domagala didnt play too bad.

Overall not a bad game considering 16 veterans didnt play tonight.

I didn’t catch the game. Did any players from Hamilton leave the game with injuries? How were the penalties?

IT was a pretty good game . Look at all the players that missed tonights game which we will probably see next game.


Brandon Banks
Mike Filer
Mathieu Girard
Cameron Marshall
Jeremiah Masoli
Brandon Revenberg
Luke Tasker
Chris Van Zeyl


Delvin Breaux
Ted Laurent
Simoni Lawrence
Adrian Tracy
Jamaal Westerman
Ja’Gared Davis
Dylan Wynn
Rico Murray

Total of 8 main players on offence and 8 players on defence did not play tonight. Im sure these guys will ptobably play the first half of the net game before the rookies will come in and play the rest of the game against Toronto.

Other then Justin Sumpter WR, we didnt have any injuries that Im aware of. I dont know how serious his injury is though.

As for penalties I didn’t think it was that bad honestly.

They will probably have a highlight reel on the TSN site for the game you can check out.

Overall a decent game by the Cats.

The only real negative was some occasional confusion in the secondary which resulted in a few big plays for Ottawa. Washington and Orlondo need to iron this out before the start of the season.

Congrats to the Cats on their win. I thought on the offensive side we looked good. I feel the QB’s were really good and receivers made some good catches. some of the things I hope we improve are short yardage attempts, not much push up front. Also improvement in the secondary and our tackling wasn’t great. I’m sure once the regulars are in the line up everything will work out just fine. LGTC’s

I thought James Allen looked horrible. Almost every pass that was completed seemed to be on him and he was constantly in chase mode.
Other than that, all positive from me.
On O Moore looked like he could be the next big thing, Acklin is going to be a good WR for us, the OL depth looked really good.
On D, Hurst was in on alot of plays, just needs to be better at wrapping up. McGough and Howsare played very well, Mike Daly was kinda meh minus that knockdown.

QB play was good, both QB’s had some great throws. On several short yardage attempts it looked like they were locked on a certain WR and didn’t really read the Defense. More times it wasn’t open than it was and both QB’s were able to buy time with their legs and convert. Wr’s did look good and #80 is for real and given the chance will continue to prove himself show why he not only deserves a roster spot but will push for a starting spot.
Defense besides a few deep balls, most likely mental mistakes, was solid I thought.

Good entertaining game for a pre-season. Both teams backups had their moments.

Agree that QBs looked good, quite impressed with Moore and his arm strength. Leonard looked shaky, but perhaps it was due to being surrounded by rookies, and facing both Davis and Jennings?

I haven’t looked at the stats in depth, but wasn’t impressed with running game beyond first series or two. It felt like too few called and too little production on those that were. My hope is that it was the emphasis on evaluating QB play, and the use of a mostly rookie O-line. Pass protection very good, D-line schemes looked good, DBs closed it down close to goal-line.

Over all, the team looked good, matching depth players with Ottawa. Did get the feeling that Ottawa and Toronto may not be the cake walks we have been speculating.

Barring an injury, Acklin WILL be a starting receiver. It’s also looking like Sean Thomas-Erlington will be the starting running back so you would think the 'Cats will (and should) start five import receivers (Banks, Tasker, Addison, Acklin and one of Tucker, Sumpter or Crockett). Lots of weapons to choose from.

Remains to be seen whether Tasker is ready to start the season. There may early opportunities for a couple of these rookies.

( I’m already counting Addison as a veteran)

I think once the REAL piggys line up in Game 1 of the season we will be just fine. The run blocking will also improve.

No, Jones is too fast to keep off the field. We will be starting five Canadians on offense.

James Allen did have a nice day on Special teams

Two punt returns for 22 yards and three kickoff returns for 61 yards.

He was 2nd on the team with 4 Defensive Tackles which does mean they were going at him,
but he was finishing his tackles

The fact that Allen was so involved in the game (DB, KR…played almost the whole game at those two positions) means that the coaches think he is worth looking at, in terms of a new, talented guy who may be able help this team.

Personally, I think Allen may eventually replace Richard Leonard or Frankie Williams in the starting defensive backfield.

Yeah, I’m worried about Leonard. I was a big fan in his first year, a little disappointed with his second year, and I didn’t think he looked very good last night. Seems to have lost his edge, and his tackling technique is suspect. Next game may tell the story.

Agree with Acklin.

Disagree with 5 starting Import receivers.
Have to think Jones and Chambers will be our National receiving rotation.

I find the problem with Richard Leonard from one year to the following year was the fact that he played corner the 1st year and just did well in that position…then the following year he played Defensive Back and didnt look as good…hes playing DB again this year…hmmm maybe try putting Leonard back at his corner spot and try Rolle at DB.

Good eye Palmer. Leonard doesn’t look like the same player anymore.