Hamilton vs Montreal

With our performance over the past few games, the coaching change, the personnel changes, injuries, promotions, and whatnot, what do you expect to see/think will happen on Thursday night against the Als?

I'm looking for informed, polite, logical debate on this thread. If it devolves into a flame war or troll-fest, I will ask for it to be locked. Let's start acting like adults, and see what our football minds can come up with.

In my obviously biased opinion, I'm expecting another close TiCat victory. Montreal is 4&0, but they are not firing on all cylinders. The TiCats have some momentum now, got off the snide, and will have a few new looks for the larks on Thursday night.

Oskie Wee Wee

I am thinking we are going to see Maas pick up where he left off, that being confident and poised. I also expect he will be bound and bent to win another game.

Holmes, what can you say about this guy, probably just another average night with 120+ all purpose yards. Maybe a TD or two.

The Defence, I really hope they have their a game faces on. Like Ronny Lancaster says "Be on time..." and I will add "...and show up in a bad mood". This really means complete your assignments, and make your tackles good!


Huh? Too Funny!

"Lock 'er up!"

I view it this way--didn't Montreal have 10 days to prepare for the ti-cats last time and if not for about 3 bad plays Hamilton wins --this time they both have only a week to prepare plus the ti-cats have now caught a little fire plus Montreal is due for a let down so my feeling is if there was ever a time for the ti-cats to beat a top team of the league I say it would be at seven o clock Thursday night---anybody agree with my math? GO TI-CATS

Winnipeg was hobbled pretty good in the second half because of dirty shots by the Montreal defence.Hopefully that will be kept to a minimum this week and the refs have their eyes on what is going on.A good fieldgoal kicker last time against the Als would have been our first win.This time we have one.Go Myers!!Go Cats!!!

If Jamal Powell is just coming of the injured list he will get a real test against Les Als as will Anthony Davis.

I look for a first half that will be relatively even.
The key, as usual, will be what, if any, half-time adjustments are made.
Montreal will adjust and change as they see the need. They always have been great at this aspect of the game, and they are capable of such a variety of offensive faces, that we can count on this happening.
Now, can the Ticats adjust? We certainly haven't seen it happen yet, but Lancaster wasn't in charge when it should have been done.
So, if adjustments are needed at half-time, that will be the key. Hopefully, we will be far enough in front that change is not needed. That's overly optimistic, though.This will be one TOUGH game.

I think it's about time for the 'Cats to issue a statement about the officiating like AC did two days before the last game.

I thought that was childish and immature. But it worked, and if it works, keep doing it.

We have yet to play a relatively mistake-free game. We do that, and I see no reason why we cannot win. We don't, and it will be a loooong train ride home.

Als have been controlling 2nd halves. Key is establishing ball control and error free football third quarter, establish momentum. Als played awful last game coming off bye week. Will be tougher. Cats are hungry.

I expect this will be a close game, but I can't see my Alouettes losing their first game of the year to Hamilton. The defense is even stronger now than it was a few weeks ago with Ellis and Taylore platooning at MLB and Sanchez probable to return at cornerback. The offense was weak last week but picked it up in the second half. Special teams have been outstanding, including our placekicker who's hit his last 10 attempts. All this adds up to a loss for the TiCats.

That being said, I like Hamilton as a team, and if by some chance we lose to you, you'll have earned the win. May the best team win!

Based on last year's results, teams coming out of a bye week usually don't fare really well. So the fact we had 10 days to prepare last time seems overshadowed by the fact we lost our rythm.

You say the Als aer due for a let down. That already happened my friend. Two weeks ago when your Ticats were in the nest. The Als gave a truly atrocious performance, losing more yards through penalties (196 yards) then we actually gained passing the ball (195 yards). Still, you were unable to lay the final blow, scoring only 3 points in all of the second half.

Don't expect the Als to play this poorly twice in a row against the same opponent.

I see the Cats starting to jell real good any game now. There's too much talent for them not to. Fewer stupid penalties and the refs not being so flag happy would certainly help.

I just don't see the current Ticat O-Line standing up to the Als blitzing defense in this one. Maas is going to have to burn them early with Holmes getting some passes behind their blitzing LB's in order to slow down the pass rush. Maybe the Cats will use some double TE formations.
On defense MLB Brooks will get a workout from Edwards especially in the second half. Just don't see Hamilton matching up with Montreal overall. But I hope the Ticats win to keep Montreal from getting too far ahead of the pack, but they'll need a few breaks and no turnovers.

This is it,WE ARE GOING TO KICK SOME **** :thup: :rockin: LETS GET IT ON!!! :thup: