Hamilton vs Calgary

Perhaps tonight Cornish shreds it up on the ground for huge yardage, Stamps by 5


Every time Cornish has played the tabbies he’s been stifled and the Cat’s run defense and it’s been Bo Levi and the receivers that have gotten the job done. I think you’re about right on the score. I expect Matthews will perform, but he’s still VERY green.

Tiger Cats will perform more so than what a lot of CFL fans think without their star QB. I'm frustrated with all these key injuries through-out the league, but on the other hand it's great to see the back up players are doing well indeed too!

you know the defence is bringin it tonight.

I’m going with Speedy B** for player of the game. he is way over due for a big game :thup:

Hamilton 30
Calgary -1

**unless he is injured

Calgary - 11
Hamilton - 6

Calgary has been stumbling along ... Were lucky to beat the Bombers last week and almost gave the BC game away the week before . They still do not resemble the dominant GC champs . Now Simpson is out and that is devastating . The Cats will be in this game and would not be an upset at all, if the Cats win this without Collaros .

Chance to sweep the season series, bring it Hamilton, GSG! :cowboy:

I'll agree with that. Calgary has found ways to win (and has had some luck a couple of times too) but they have rarely looked dominant in the way that the Ticats have on a few occasions. I give a slight edge to the Ticats playing at home who are familair with the way the wind swirls (and it's windy) and have great crowd support. If it comes down to a last second FG (as it has on a few occasions) I'd give the edge to Medlock - no disrespect to Paredes (who is a very good kicker too) intended.

They seem to play up or down to their opposition. Guess we'll see what happens tonight.

Mathews will be MVP

Tipped punt - Banks to the house for TD. 7-0 Hamilton

Wasn't that contacting th kicker?

That quote above FYB is a thought of squeezed fish.

Tipped punt?? No but Maver was punting into the wind. It was an 82 yard return and there were no red hankies marring it! :smiley:

Looked like a possible tip - wobbly ball when Banks got a hold of it.
Seen another punt kicked, thus yea the wind swirl is the cause of the wobbly ball.

What an awful PI call . Garbage and embarrassing to see that inept officiating in pro sports .

What a Brutal call!!!
Why did Huff not challenge?????? The ref's are destroying another good football game. Worst referees in Pro sports.
Why can the CFL not find good ref's.
I would think the university ref's could do a better job.

Yea, receiver came down with ball out of bounds too.

Calgary is getting wigwamed. 13-0 Ti-Cats

Justin Medlock just doing his thing and makes a 57 yarder look easy!