Hamilton vs BC ... who starts at QB?

Who starts ?

Or is Printers still banged up?

on chch sports it was reported that porters will start as printers ankle is still sore

J Jackson

If Printers can not go the Cats should go with a 2 QB system, but start Williams.
B.C. is an awful place to get your first CFL start as a QB!


This Guys would Scare Superman if he was a QB

if printers is healthy he should get the start

porter should start

who cares if it's against bc, kids gotta learn sometime

we have already seen what cp and rw can do

lets start a new chapter for the last 6 games and see if this kid can lead us into battle next year or be back on the bench

i'm tired of cps act and performance on the field. everyone says he had a great game against edmonton, yeah if 4 ints and a fumble didn't lead to the loss

i support this team no matter what, i hate snap, rush decisions but we have won 1 game with cp, 1 game in 2 years, not worth the million bucks he will have in his bank account

cp and jl are injury prone, we have to see what else we got, no use in keeping these guys for 10 games a season

Printers has an ankle injury. His thumb is not healed yet. And there are people on this forum attacking Jesse because HE gets injured often.
I hope they both heal soon but in the meantime I sure want to see what Porter can do. The future looks shaky for Jesse and/or Casey regardless of injuries so its time to prepare for next season...or maybe salvage something out of the rest of the season.