Hamilton VS BC thoughts-

The upcoming game should be a good one. Hamilton if they are smart will throw short passes to big receivers and they will run right through our tiny secondary. BC secondary resembles a high school secondary in terms of size- Marsh Sanchez, Phillips are all really skinny and cannot tackle.

The Hamilton Defense should have no problem stopping the BC offense, but GLENN needs to play just average to ensure a SURE WIN over BC--
BC will lose the game on their own, as long as GLENN plays smart and they give him quick fast throws they should move the ball up and down all over BC-

BC plays weak zone, you can throw all day underneath on us, and then your rcvrs just have to run through our midget secondary--

Im hoping for Hamilton to smash my hometown Lions so we can finally get BUONO and his staff fired-- Then I will resume paying $40 for a ticket to see a real team take the field-

As much as you guys are critical of Marcel Bellfeuille he will be coaching vs arguably one of the poorest game day coaches in CFl history in Wally Buono. Marcel should be able to basically OUT COACH BUONO all game long. Its not hard every team is doing this to BUONO of late.

Lets go MARCEL, bring in a good game plan and hammer the Lions

The lions could go 0-18 and Wally still wouldn't get fired. He already said this will be his last season coaching. I doubt they would pull the trigger on him in his last season.

So how can the winningest coach in CFL history simultaneously be the poorest game day coach in CFL history?

I am with another poster, who in another thread suggested that maybe the game has passed Wally by, much as happened to Don Matthews.

But your hyperbole is a bit extreme I'd suggest.

Got my tickets weeks ago and I will be there cheering on the Cats behind their bench. The one chance per year I get to see them live. My girlfriend is a Lions fan.. :frowning: I am also but not when they play the Ticats.

better than her being an argo fan right :wink:

The game hasn't passed by Wally I don't think. Not every team is going to be able to win all the time, it's tough. BC has lost receivers I believe and that's tough with a young qb.

8) For a so called "Gridiron Guru", you obviously don't know too much about football to call Wally one of the poorest game
  day coaches in CFL history !!

  Either you don't know about his history in the CFL, or possibly you are only 12 years old !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Buono was a good coach, but age waits for no man and frankly I'm surprised he managed to turn the Lion's around last year. BC just hasn't looked the same since they lost Martell Mallet.

The game hasn't passed Wally By?

Hmm he is the winningest coach in a 8 team league? He has been coaching for 20 YEARS-

Buono is 4-4 in grey cup games--

Buono has had the benefit of HAVING arguably 3 of the best Qb's and offenses in CFL history in DOUG FLUTIE, JEFF GARCIA and DAVE DICKENSON-

With all of those players like Allen Pitts, Alondra Johnson, Sapungis, Printers MVP season- he has only a 19-14 post season coaching record--

Buono has one of the worst IN GAME coaches in the CFL- His history and close losses are proof of this--

Ex- Attempting to kick a single 70 yards through the end zone instead of just kicking a game winning field goal vs SASK-

Ex- Kicking late field goals vs Montreal that makes no sense at all and stating after that he lost control of what down it was-

The truth for any knowledgeable Lions fan is that Wally's track record is that he has been KICKING that late field goal in many instances when there is roughly around 2 minutes left in the game- This is not the first time he has done this.

Mismanaging when to go for 2 points vs Calgary was comical as well.

Ex- Offense is running smooth vs MTL and he decides to BRING in a COLD JARIOUS JACKSON off the bench to execute a short yardage pass- DOES HE NOT REALIZE that JARIOUS is the worst SHORT yardage passer in the CFL? JARIOUS is good for 50 yard plus passes and airing the ball out- He brings him in vs MTL and he loses 10 yards--

Oh last year vs TORONTO same thing, brings in JARIOUS at the 1 yard line and he throws an INTERCEPTION--

As a CREDIBLE COACH in a CREDIBLE league you get paid a SALARY to do your JOB- TAKING the ball away from the offense on a 3rd and 5 and trying a 47 yard field goal is nothing short of NEGLIGENCE and most people would be FIRED from thier day jobs if they acted so NEGLIGENTLY-

If WALLY is not lost can anyone explain this-- In an offensive league vs arguably the TOP offensive team in the CFL, why would anyone with a RATIONAL mind take the ball out of your offenses hands on a 3rd and 5 and GIVE it to CALVILLO and TRESTMAN and say ok MONTREAL get 1 first down and the game is over?

Good coaches do not do this-- WALLY is not a good coach- He is just lucky to have had the leagues best players on his teams-
He had FLUTIE, DICKENSON,GARCIA all in their PRIME and many DEFENSIVE ALL STARS on every one of his teams--

Take away a superstar QB from BUONO and what is his RECORD? How is he faring with BUCK PIERCE< JARIOUS< LULAY?

Good coaches take average talent and make the team better, Wally is not that guy, he said he doesnet understand x's and o's ----- Well other coaches do understand x's and o's- This is why wally loses to trestman and huffnagel every time and why he doesent HAVE A PLAY SHEET IN HIS HANDS? He doesent understand it? thats a joke he has been in the league coaching for 20 years and he doesent know how to read a play sheet--

Sorry, but the excessive use of all-caps in that post makes me disinclined to parse it for actual content.

Perhaps IF YOU TRIED NOT TO use all those annoying ALL-CAPS and didn't have a FETISH FOR ENDING EVERY SENTENCE with dashes, AS IF you want everything you write to carry an ARTIFICIAL AIR OF MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE--

I suppose everyone knew that Garcia, Dickenson and Printers would be star QBs in the league, even when they were just unknown rookies. The rest of the league was content to let them go to Buono’s team anyway. And then Buono simply had to get out of their way as their natural abilities shone through. No coaching necessary, thank you very much.

Oh, and something else I wanted to get off my chest. If it wasn’t for games in November, Mark Trestman wouldn’t have won a single postseason game in this league. No Grey Cups, no playoff wins, nothing. The guy is not a real coach.

(Can’t decide if this GG guy is a troll or just really, really dense. If it’s the former, I guess I just fed him.)

Wally wins games through the refs.