Hamilton vs Argonauts

Toronto - 25
Hamilton - 19
[Just beat them Cats Man!!]

They released about 120 tickets to this game yesterday afternoon that got returned by the teams I guess. So there are just 20 or so seats left now where you can actually get seats together - otherwise it is just singles - about 130 of them scattered all over the stadium. So for those wondering if there would be any more sellouts this year in the CFL - the answer is yes. This game will be.

And already for next Sunday's home game for Hamilton against Winnipeg there are already fewer than 700 tickets remaining.

Why did I think the game was today??? Sumtimes, I is nun 2 brite. :thdn:

I picked the Cat, but this one could go either way. Cats like playing at the coffee cup and the Argos like playing anywhere but Skydump. Argos might have a good record at the end of the season if they played all 18 on the road. :wink:

What's going on with you?

I was expecting your comment to be all about how the Tiger-cats would eat the Argos raw like a stale donut at the Coffee Cup.
I think you're losing your mojo sir. :wink:

I did pick the Cat in the VGCC, but haven't been putting a lot of effort into my picks and forgot to take into account the road game for the Argos (which = home game to other teams). I said in a thread at the start of the season this long road trip to start could be a blessing in disguise for the Argos. They are a better road team than home team and Pinball is on record as saying the team sells better after LD than before.

My mojo is still solid GD, Argos in over their head, Millanovich sucks as a HC and the Double Blue will collapse before the season is out. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

We have had many exciting games this year, 3 OT already.
This has a making of a classic.
I think my Argos will be in tough.

Wish it was being played at BMO.

Edit : Forgot it is in Hamilton. :slight_smile:

Dislike the Monday games.

When I was working, I loved holidays. Now that I am retired, every day is a day off and holidays just mess with my week.

And here I thought the fans were starting the trash talking early. :lol:

Little easier to take the Skydump this season knowing it is the last.

Let's start shall we.
Tomorrow we will see plenty of those toothless Hamilton fans in the crowd and especially during the tailgate.

Being that it's a holiday, it probably could have been played during the day. But then again it's the summer, so it's probably better that it's in the evening, but people still have to get up for work on Tuesday...

DCmoses is like Nights in White Satin, never reaching the end. But on the other hand; The Big Head Coach Switch - Scott to the Riders and Cory to the Argonauts. Would that solve the mojo dcmoses?

I'll take a clipboard and headset on a Homer Simpson doll over Millanovich; ain't gonna win a Cup with either but Homer would be a lot more entertaining.

Yup, dcmoses HAS NOT lost his mojo! :rockin:

Better to have a toothless face then one made entirely out of plastic.

Now now. Let's keep it about the teams. :wink:

Only single seats left for this game now - about 120 of them. Good thing about THF though is a few of you can buy single seats and still stand together for the game on the open to the field concession levels or on the south patio like hundreds of other fans have done for much of most games played there so far.

Your AccuPat Hamilton game day forecast. :smiley:

At game time partly cloudy 24C with winds from the west at 10 - 15 KM/h diminishing throughout the game. Only 15% chance of any rain.

Sounds great to me!