Hamilton vies to host two Vanier Cups

Hamilton is competing with Ottawa and Montreal for the rights to host the 2016 and 2017 Vanier Cups at Tim Hortons Field.

Graham Brown, chief executive officer of Canadian Interuniversity Sport, says an announcement will be made before Christmas.

But Brown wants a firm financial commitment, believed to be in the form of a $200,000 refundable cash guarantee, from the successful host municipality.

Hamilton’s bid, presented two weeks ago, does not include such a financial guarantee upfront.

Rom D’Angelo, director of facility management and capital programs, says the city is interested in hosting the event but says they are not committed to the $200,000.

He says the city is looking to create revenues from a partnership with the CIS.

D’Angelo says the decision not to guarantee the $200,000 is firm.

Hamilton last hosted the Vanier Cup in 2007.

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2016 in Hamilton and 2017 in Ottawa would be ideal.

I agree that 2016 in Hamilton would be ideal, especially with the Grey Cup in Toronto next year. Might be able to link up the two more easily when the games are closer in proximity than they have been the past 2-3 seasons.

Ottawa is probably going to get the Grey Cup in 2017. Since TSN owns the rights to the Grey Cup and Rogers owns the rights to the Vanier Cup, it is not likely one city would have both. As our Commish said at his state of the league question period in Winnipeg.

Peter Dyakowski ?@PeterDyakowski 4h4 hours ago

Way to go #HamOnt! We've got the next two Vanier Cups! Hey @CFL, that 2017 Vanier would match up nicely with #GC105! http://m.thespec.com/sports-story/62004 ... nier-cups/

Now more official. Nice to see the Vanier Cup played at a classy stadium like THF compared with what they played at say in a city what Quebec City has which the Vanier deserves better than that. Hopefully the CIS can keep it being played in stadiums along the lines of a THF.


Hold on. What's wrong with Stade Telus in Quebec City? It's one of the better stadiums in the CIS. I thought Laval did a great job hosting the Vanier Cup.

Just looking at photos of Stade Telus it doesn't look nearly as polished as THF but agree, for the CIS as a venue I'm sure it's one of the top venues as a CIS only ie. no CFL team venue.