Hamilton trades John Chick to Edmonton

Hamilton makes a big move to get a 2nd round pick. Chick goes to Edmonton to add quality
depth for upcoming games vs Calgary and a playoff push for 1st place.

I expect Hamilton to continue to make trades.

The salary dumping has begun! Does Austin keep his job in 2018?

Tillman will likely bite the bullet for his friend...


Yup - the salary dump has begun. Does Austin keep his job? Probably yes. Should he? Based on several conversations with Ti-Cats fans at the Cactus Festival in Dundas (part of Hamilton now) over this weekend - the feeling of the 20 or so Cats' fans I talked to is overwhelmingly no he should not.

Eric Tailspin should definitely be shown the door . The guy is a ginger haired walking talking disaster who wouldn't know talent if it bite him in the arse . My guess for his partner Austin is that he gets kicked upstairs to an office job . The only reason I feel he might be back next year is the fact that the Caretaker foolishly signed him to an extension and has too much money tied up in Austin if he totally cuts him loose anytime soon .

Chick is a non factor this year, almost invisible in many games.
Best before date has unfortunately passed him.

We shall see what a change of scenery does for him.

Precisely. Headed to an organization that is atop the league. Completely different scenario.
May just find his mojo again.

But the guy went from being the CFLs most outstanding defensive player in 2009 and then on to 3 seasons in the NFL and back to the Riders for 3 years until the house cleaning of underperforming vets by Jones. Two seasons in Hamilton he's been under the radar too. As great as veteran players have been there comes a time to retire

He had 14 sacks last season. Most D lineman would consider that a very successful season.
Hamilton's d leads in sacks this year. His production might be down but he draws added attention.

I think for short term, this is a great trade for Edmonton until their d-line starts coming back.

As for Hamilton, looks like a salary dump.

My guess is that Chick will most definitely find his mojo again . I'm actually happy for Chick that at this late stage of a great career that is winding down that he will at least be now playing on a team with a real legitimate shot of winning it all this season . Another reason that I think he will light it up in Edmonton is what I call the X-Cat factor . Just take a look around this league and it seems like the Cats have a much better team of ex players playing elsewhere than on their own roster .

It's really not that much of a mystery why Hamilton is in the dumpster this year . All one has to do is look at some of the players this organization has let go in the past few seasons that have gone on to excel elsewhere . I give my head a shake pretty much every time I watch other teams play this season and on a weekly basis when I see the likes of Ellingson , Medlock , Grant , Reed , Madu , Williams , Gainey , Murray , Vaughan , Hall , Gascon-Nadon ,Davis , Fiqueroa , Simmons , Nevis , Underwood etc etc .the list goes on and on . Yup , for whatever reason and for the most part with few exceptions it just seems like once a player is out of Hamilton and gone elsewhere they seem to light it up and a player of the calibre of John Chick should be no exception to this rule playing for a class organization like the Eskimos . To be honest and in closing I wish nothing but the best for Chick in Edmonton and trust me he maybe the first to go off this sinking ship that is the Ti-Cats this season BUT he certainly won't be the last .

All true.

Agree , hope he goes out on a high note.


:wink: :wink: ;D , welcome to the hammer James.

I think it is good for Chick, EEs and Hamilton.

Chick nowhas a terrific chance to be part of a GC contender as he is getting up there in years. Sorry to see him leave Hamilton though.

Ti-Catsget a 2nd rounddraft choice, they saveCap spaceand can start towork a planfor next year. NFL cuts in a few weeks if not already happening, CFL guys that went downon tryoutsplus free agents, plus more tradesand their own selectionsonDraft Daythey can turn this around fairly quickly.

keep young and go after the very best you can get.

All teams are hurting right nowandbeing labour day the timing couldn't be better.If they aresellersthey could wind updoing quite well

Chick had a very strong season last year so not sure what the poster who said he didn't was watching.

I could see this easily being a fresh start for him. He still has a lot to offer for a few more games. The only real problem I see here is him going to Edmonton but that's cuz I don't like them at all.

There is a certain segment of the fan base in Hamilton that ignores facts if it doesn't fit their narrative.
These are also the same people who practice revisionist history in a few months so that it also fits their narrative (ie: Chick was the greatest DE since sliced bread and that just shows how inept the Hamilton management is that they traded him for a draft pick)

Now we can see why this trade happened. We learned earlier today that Marcus Howard is out for the season.