Hamilton @ Toronto

Big rivalry game on and no one's discussing it? :o

Actually, I can't talk, I was watching special features from The Sarah Connor Chronicles. :oops:

Anyway, I'm torn: Cats are my second favourite team, but I picked the Argos, and I love how the Argos are taking everyone by surprise.

Go tie! :lol:

Cats O is looking good on this drive

I am loving watching both teams this yr, specially Toronto. However, my preseason prediction had hamilton surprising everyone and taking first place, so....

at least all 7 other teams are in the order I predicted, so far :slight_smile:

Looking forward to a great game! I predict a TOR win!

Got busy looking at TSCC posters and forgot about the game. :oops:

lol’d at Lemon running into his own guy. :lol:

If you are interested, there is a very active game thread going on here..


Good crowd tonight.

I"m really enoying this one. . . I really appreciate good defence, and we're sure seeing that tonight; Pile and Shell have stood out for the Argos, and Dennis and the D line for the Cats.

Hmmmmmm...some irony tonight. The talk about the Bills game in TO last night had everyone psyched about OUR GAME. A great showing from the fans of TO (and Hamilton) has the lower bowls packed....looks like a victory for the CFL, then we have an NFL style game going on.......still, I am loving that the D's have shown up big time!

Is it just me, or has Sandro hit something like 9 posts this season already!!!???

It's low-scoring, but on the whole, well-played.

What, are both of our Toronto posters at the game? 10 posts by the end of the third - that's a bad turnout.

Ha! Eiben pulled a Lucy on Shaw....

this is a low scoring game that im really enjoying.
it isnt low scoring SLOPPY football.
its well played, hard-nose defense.
not many turnovers. no fumbles, no dropped passes. just defense making plays.
each team is getting thier drives. they just are each starting deep in thier own ends, so a 5 or 6 play drive only gets a team to the 20, then the defense shuts it down.

That failed 3rd down gamble, will cost the Tabbies the game.


Good stand by the Argo D. This is a good game as far as field goal battles go!


can the argos defense keep them to a FG, or will the cats get the first TD? and the lead>?

This is a a good old fashioned NFL game.

Should be a good finish.

that fumble may have cost the argos the game.