Hamilton / Toronto game

You have to admit, Toronto looked pretty good ! Guess they'll have the home team advantage come Grey Cup time!



i didnt think they looked great

they were just against a team that played liked sh**

no no, they looked pretty good, especially with a young quarterback...

i see a pretty good season in store

I hope they do get to play the Grey Cup at home. Statisically it almost guarantees them of losing.

Personally, I hope they DON'T get to play the Grey Cup at home. Statistically, that DOES guarantee they WON'T win the Cup this year. :wink:

I rather Admit we had bad day at office..
Then say Toronto is Great Cup Bound..
Beside Calgary going to kick your buts
this week. and your'll be 1-2

LOL..well done.

Let's be realistic here. The Argos played an average game and beat a below average team who's defence had been on the field for 40 freakin' minutes.