Hamilton to sign Peter Boulware and Juran Bolden

Thats the report if you just saw on the CBC mini pre game show. Also in Hamilton we have spotted Juran Bolden around the town, and will attend the game tonight.

Not much news on Boulware yet!

Speculation! When they are signed then post it!

A similar post was just removed from the Tiger-Cat page.

Good idea bubbles! :lol:

I love them Kitty-Cats

Ya those Lions are good are they not!

What CBC pre-game show?

Who is Peter Boulware?


I don't believe it. By my knowledge, there was no CBC pre-game show today.

Judging by the look of the crowd on tv a lot fewer are lovin' them kitty cats in steel town.

I really wish they could get a win.


Two plays and an Als touchdown.

I agree. The Ti-Cats are an important franchise for the league. I hope they can turn things around.

Are you serious?

Peter Boulware should stay in the States. Some will sign him sooner or later and with his resume, hed make more even at a minimal salary than he would here if he is going to play at all...

....Juran Bolden was in talks with Taman of the Bombers lately... the word was IF he returned to the CFL it would be nice to return to the Bombers....he is exhausting every move to stay in the nfl... IF he has changed his mind and is prepared to sign on with the Cats'....that's news to me and alot of other people in the Peg........good question, who is Boulware????i'd like to know as well.... :roll: :roll:

Peter Boulware is a 6'04" 255 pound LB out of Florida State. 33 years old and former Pro Bowler with Baltimore Ravens. Hasn't played much in a couple of years after a knee injury.
Would be a rush end in the CFL I presume.

Calm down Jman. Most people here are Canadians.

..Thanx ...DoubleBlue....Bolden also tore up his knee awhile back..and ain't that young anymore....but i think he's still got some game left....maybe Boulware does as well.... 8) :roll:

Me too...

I honestly strongly doubt Peter Boulware would come to the CFL. He is retired. He hurt his knee pretty badly.

Pardon me, but you speak as if we should no who this guy is. :roll: