Hamilton to roar back

I was thinking about the upcoming game and I believe Hamilton is going to dominate Winnipeg. The cats did so poorly last week with few exceptions that embarrassed is the only word to describe it, thus there are going to be a whole bunch of big men looking to make a statement, that last week was a "one of" week. Therefore I predict Hamilton is going to stomp Winnipeg on both sides of the ball, putting up 34 points while doing so. Winnipeg will score around 21 points.

:thup: :thup: Nice !! It will be like the last game at Historic I W S But no rain!!!!!!! Keep the Faith :rockin:

I predict Buck will get Rocked again :twisted:

Sounds good to me....with one exception since I played the over/under (54.5) Lets say Cats 34 Bombers 20....I played the under total :wink: GO CATS GO!!! its time to POUND THE PEG!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :rockin:

Where can I get some of what you all are smokin'?

Always someone who has to be negative. Let's show them Cats!

You got that right Neuman, by the way, I like your picture :thup:

Good man,thats the spirit.Even with the injuries we have I believe we can do well against the Peg,a win at this point is extremely important. :cowboy:

My apologies … But Winnipeg wins by 5
(Although I’ll be cheering for the Cats from my Tier 1 Platinum Seats @ the 55 yard line in section 104!)
28 - 23 Winnipeg.
Formula says Winnipeg wins by 5.85 points.
Winnipeg by 6 give or take.
I’ll round down for home field advantage & decent weather.

What type of formula are ya using Fender ? please enlighten us to this wacky formula and how it exactly works :?

It's "Wacky" no doubt BoBo ...

It's described here ... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=79627&p=1424919&hilit=what+makes+teams+win#p1424919

All I can say though is ...

Passing Offense is King - Yards per attempt is king. The most dominant factor in winning is your passing offense vs your opponent differential.
Throwing Interceptions Is Worse than Making Interceptions All Else Equal
Fumbling is Worse than Recovering Fumbles All Else Equal
Interceptions are worse than fumbles.
Running the ball is better than stopping the run yet this is misleading since you run the ball when protecting the lead.

Anyways ... it's all there in my threads ...

And btw ... since I posted it ... the formula has always explained a victory within +2/-2 points.

Off Pen Rate -0.39 24.00 -9.36 17.00 -6.63 -2.73 46.39%
Def Int Rate 0.76 0.00 0.00 3.00 2.28 -2.28 38.74%
Off Pass Yds/Att 1.14 8.150684932 9.29 9.94 11.33 -2.04 34.66%
Def Run Yds/Att -0.24 9.03030303 -2.17 3.94 -0.95 -1.22 20.76%
Def Pass Yds/Att -0.92 9 -8.28 8.18 -7.53 -0.75 12.82%
Def Fum Rate 0.42 1.00 0.42 1.00 0.42 0.00 0.00%
Off Int Rate -0.45 2.00 -0.90 4.00 -1.80 0.90 -15.29%
Off Run Yds/Att 0.46 5.451612903 2.51 3.45 1.59 0.92 -15.65%
Off Fum Rate -0.33 1.00 -0.33 5.00 -1.65 1.32 -22.43%
Formula Result 0.45 59.63 -8.82 55.51 -2.93 -5.89 100.00%
-5.89 5.89

OUCH!!!!!ME HEAD HURTS!!!!!!!!need a couple of aspirin :? :? :? Sorry I asked,loosing brain cells as I type,what are you anyway Fender....some type of mad scientist??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hard to argue with those points, although I don't find them to be especially insightful.

Can I add a few?

  • A field goal is better than a single point, but a TD beats a field goal
  • Scoring is better than being scored upon
  • Winning the game is better than losing it

A fullhouse beats a straight,but only if you kick a fg from 50 yds or more,if you only get a single,then two pairs win providing that you attemp to run ball out of endzone,in that case jacks or better to open if ball returned to the 20 or beyond,if less than 20 yard line add 5.3465 divide by 6.78 divide by two oranges subtract an apple and add 4 bananas!!!!!!.I think im slowly figuring this out :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

Montreal will loose tonight and the Cats will win on Saturday, then all eastern teams will be 1-2, and your all ump back on the wagon both here and on the CHML Cats show following the game! Your either with this team from the beginning and stay with the team. GO CATS GO!!

Hilarious thread! I love how people try to use math to explain the unexplainable.

I'm with 'em!
Go Cats Go!!

Geez, and all I did was look deeply into my bowl of Rice Crispies. :lol:

If someone is looking to make a sign



I hope so?? And roar back by beating BC, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Sask than I will be a believer!!!

No formula required for the Cats. JUST WIN BABY! They are gonna womp the Bummers on Saturday. :smiley: