hamilton to pick up ricky

anyway, as for pelly... you dont think there might be a reason for him to lie perhaps?

i'm not saying he is, but its not like PTS is the Supreme Court

but im just saying FOR THE LAST TIME...everyone is reporting 240-250K, pelly said it himself. AND TOM WRIGHT...only guy who says otherwise is a guy who doesnt cover the CFL, and got his info from 'A SOURCE'....any other paper saying $500,000, always says 'its been reported ( by the sun's steve simmons )...'

I’m not saying anyone is a liar. I’m saying people are reporting what they think is right. Like I said, I can see both sides…unlike you.

BTW, please don’t “waste your time” on me anymore. Your intellect is about to make my head explode. I’m not worthy. (Seriously though, for the most part I think you make a significant contribution to the boards…but you need to cut back on the personal stuff. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you are no better then anyone else around here.)

And yes Espo…that’s exactly what I’m saying…he and Tom Wright have every reason to lie. (I’m still not saying that either of them are.)

you're welcome AMG

It doesn't matter. Let's kick the ball off and get this season going.

regarding the waiver issue:

why would we want to play along, in what's supposed to be a league-wide 'gentlemen's agreement.'
why should we make things cosy and nice for the argos. i commend the cats for not signing off on this ludicrous 'no-waiver-pickup' situation. football is football and rules are rules.
this is how it could develop — after the season, when ricky is waived so he can go back to miami, and the ticats put in their waiver claim, the commish might step in and broker a deal (remember: he said this situation will be the last of its kind, the signing of another league's suspended players) whereas the ticats will be compensated by another player off the argo roster. and i would have to believe it would be a player comparable in skill and impact to ricky williams. just think of who we could drain off their roster: jordan younger, noel prefontaine perhaps.
this is how i see the situation unfolding ...

while i agree that we should never have to accomodate the argos.... i dont see the situation unfolding as you do.. but more of a blip on the CFL radar for one year.

i agree with the blip.