hamilton to pick up ricky

so maybe bob has somthing planned at the end of the year when the argos release williams
only team not to sign a written confermation saying they will not take him off waivers
your thoughts ?

Messers Young and Katz don't wish to kowtow to the blue team, perhaps?

My understanding was that they (Hamilton) did indeed reluctantly sign. It was only they that had a problem with the whole thing. Apparently everyone signed except Hamilton unitl a few days later. Hence the delay.

Can anyone confirm if Hamilton signed off or not?

Well, given that that confidential league communication issue is now public knowledge I guess it is ok for me to comment on it.

A reported $500k compensation package (Toronto Sun and Florida Sun-Sentinal newspapers) for a running back is a little rich for us. :wink:

C'mon Bob - with the increased price of beer at IWS, we could afford it! (SERIOUSLY joking about that)

My understanding was that they (Hamilton) did indeed reluctantly sign. It was only they that had a problem with the whole thing. Apparently everyone signed except Hamilton unitl a few days later. Hence the delay.

Can anyone confirm if Hamilton signed off or not?

ty 4 clearing that up a bit kirk

I can confirm that “maverock” did not clear anything up.

But for the record I won’t confirm or deny any part of this story. It is a league issue, and I am really tired of reading about confidential league issues in the press the next day.

http://www.torontosun.com/Sports/Footba ... 3-sun.html

Running back Ricky Williams may be kept out of the Argos' pre-season finale in Hamilton against the Tiger-Cats if there are issues concerning his physical status following his first game or fear for his safety at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

It's been speculated the Argos may deliberately keep Williams out of the game in Hamilton because his safety could be an issue at a venue that has been historically hostile to Toronto players and fans.

It's also been rumoured the Argos may keep their newest star out of the game because Hamilton owner Bob Young wouldn't support them when they asked each CFL team to provide written assurances they wouldn't try to claim Williams when he was deliberately waived after this season to allow him to return to the Dolphins. Every team but Hamilton co-operated

I might do the same thing if I was in the Argos shoes I have to admit.

Frankly who cares. The Board confidentiality issue is real, but only for Caretaker and other Board members. As for the rest of this mania about Williams, its really very boring. Time to focus on our own team and stop worrying about the sinking boat in Toronto...

why does noone want to recognize the TRUTH…he is not being paid $500,000!

as i’ve said, steve simmions is the only goof-ball who reported this…anyone who reads the sun knows steve doesnt follow CFL, and is just making stuff up…perry lefko is the one who follows CFL at the sun, and he said $240,000…as did everyone else.

even tom wright said $500,000 is nowhere near the amount hes getting, and Argo prez, on PTS, said its between $240-$250K.

in summery, the guy who started the $500,000 rumor DOESNT FOLLOW CFL, and claims to have gotten him info from ‘A SOURCE’

Why is it so hard to believe that they paid him $500,000? Sure maybe his contract is for $240,000 (even that is still up for debate) but there are many ways to give him more money “under the table”. The Argos are shaddy…bottom line. Always have been.

I’m not saying for a second that I believe everything the media reports, but it doesn’t surprise me at all that there are conflicting reports about this.

Think about it, we’re talking about a guy that pissed away millions of dollars a few times now in his career. I’m sure he would get as much money as possible outta them…and for a high profile player like Ricky, $240,000 just seems a little low.

BTW, I think Bob has an inside track on this and I can’t imagine he would take action solely because of some allegations from Steve Simmons. There is more to the story.

SIMPLE: cuz steve simmons is the only one reporting it!..everyone else says differently, unless saying ’ its been reported by the sun ( steve simmons )'…and steves info came from ‘a source’

more so than Tom Wright?..more so then rickys agent?..more so then the argos prez?..does that mean the argos know everything about the contracts the ti-cats give out?..i doubt it.

So you think Tom Wright would come out and say “Yeah, Ricky’s making $500,000” when he knows it would piss off everyone in the league? You think Ricky’s agent would come out and tell everyone exactly how much he was making if the Argo’s told him to keep it on the DL?

Everything isn’t black and white like you seem to think.

Why would Steve Simmons report something if he wasn’t 100% sure he was accurate? He is a credible writer / reporter and just because he doesn’t consistently cover a league or sport doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a “source” who knows what he’s talking about.

I’m not saying I agree he is making $500,000 for sure, I’m just not convinced like you are that he isn’t. You make a strong case and a solid argument, but I’m still not sold. Steve Simmons didn’t need to make something up to make a name for himself.

so then perry lefko is a liar, as well as all the other reporters not named steve, who reported $240,000?

whatever...im not wasting my time on u anymore.

taking the mikey approach drummer?

its been reported in other papers, and articles (don't ask me which ones because i dont bookmark this kinda BS)

a guarrenteed 240,000 and then the rest in incentives (mostly attendance based, but some preformance as well)

Simmons usually just writes to stir the pot... but that only seems to be the case when the leafs are involved.

regardless of what he's being paid (because you dont know either) you should probably read the article today about RW in the Spec. its got a pretty good perspective.

link to the article?.

argos prez was on PTS and bob mcgowan asked him if there were any incentives, and he said NO. he said hes being paid between whats being reported.

bob mcgowan then said : 240-250K

argo prez said ; YES.

ps, whats the mikey approach?

ps, whats the mikey approach?
that would probably mean to state your opinion once, and very clearly.....defend it once...(maybe)....and then avoid the silly back and forth stuff as it gets boring to the reader..yawnnnnn..lol

I just let the other guy get the last word now … :wink:

works great for me and doesn’t clog up the forums with mindless banter…


It’s when you feed a kid named Mikey cereal you’re not quite sure about to see if he likes it. :wink:

sorry, 'mikey' youre still mikey03 to me.