Hamilton to host 2016 and 17 Vanier Cups

Steve milton ?@miltonatthespec 1m1 minute ago
#HamOnt and #CIS have reached agreement in principle for #THF to be the site of #VanierCup in 2016 and 2017. #CFL

I'll say it again:

Should have been Hamilton in 2016 and Ottawa in 2017. Take advantage of grey cup weekend.

Its the CIS that is asking for back to back years for hosts

"The CIS, which used to contract the Vanier Cup out to a third-party rights holder, is now back to running the national championships itself. It wants a city to host the Vanier Cup in back-to-back years because with its structure of rotating semifinals (Ontario's champion plays the west winner in one year, and the Quebec in another, for instance), there is a better chance in those two years for one of the teams in the game to come from its local university football league. That, in turn, increases the likelihood of bigger crowds."

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/6200431-hamilton-to-host-next-two-vanier-cups/]http://www.thespec.com/sports-story/620 ... nier-cups/[/url]

I'm not sure TSN and the CFL want Sportsnet to piggyback on their big show. If TSN had the rights, it would make sense.

Now if they could get their Northern 8/10 CIS Superleague going, life would be even better...

I don't understand Hamilton wanting a Vanier Cup, the last time they hosted it was the lowest attended Vanier cup in years. After McMaster was knocked out no one from Hamilton showed up, there were maybe a couple of thousand fans from Quebec.

Yep , exactly what I was thinking , however maybe a little marketing will make a difference this time .

You guys will know better than myself, but do the ticats operate thf(a la mlse at bmo)? Or does the city directly oversee everything?

That's probably what will make the difference in marketing.
At least for attendance purposes, seeing as how sportsnet has tv rights.

One day both the CFL and CIS will realize that the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup need to be played in the city where one team is playing in. It's a novel concept I realize for football, baseball, hockey and basketball figured it out eons ago. I think too many brain concussions in football in Canada have prevented such elementary logical thinking. :lol:

It sure worked in Vancouver in 2011, huge crowd...Best Game Ever.

That would be hard since the sites are decided well in advance.

If TSN gets both cups someday call it " Football weekend in Canada " .

OP means that the game should be hosted by one of the division finalists, I assume. But it’s hardly a novel concept, as he calls it, since both the NFL and AFL did this prior to the merger,

way too much planning involved to do to this and no time to do it if they went that route. It will never happen IMO

It would be a different type of planning, that's all and timing throughout the year. It should be done to be sure one of the Grey Cup and Vanier Cup finalists is playing in the championships like the NBA, NHL and MLB. It's a no-brainer but will require thinking out of the box for the football world. The NFL is a different beast all-together though and as so many have said, comparing the CFL and NFL on many levels is just not possible, or even MLB, NBA and NHL with the NFL as well on many levels.

What problem are you trying to solve? Attendance? TV ratings? Merchandising sales?

The Grey Cup at a predetermined site almost always gets larger attendance than the Eastern and Western Finals. The ratings of the Grey Cup are higher than the NHL, MLB and NBA. And Grey Cup week succeeds because there are people that plan their vacation every year -- regardless of whether their team is in it. They Grey Cup festival features hospitality suites, music, events -- all of which take planning (assuming you think the Grey Cup festival still makes sense?)

The Vanier Cup this year had 12,557 in attendance. That is bigger than most CIS teams stadiums hold (only 5 of the 27 stadiums hold that many). There was 3,272 at the Mitchell Bowl this year, and 2700 at the Uteck Bowl. The quality of TV coverage is better because the host broadcaster has a decent stadium to set up in.

I repeat, what problem are you trying to solve?

I agree with jhayman.

The Grey Cup is an EVENT that takes months (years really) of planning for all the parties, award shows, added seats to most stadiums, is a major money maker for the city it is hosted in. Tons of sponsors and volunteers want to be involved. Companies fly in guests from across the country to wine and impress their best clients. All those things arrranged weeks, months even in advance.

You can bet there are corporations already making plans to host some of their most valued clients at BMO next year.

In many ways it is bigger for the host city than the impact of having the home team in the final of NHL, NBA or MLB playoffs. You do not get thousands of people travelling from across the country to attend finals in those three sports. It is almost all home team fans at those games with just a bigger media contingent than a normal game. But it is nothing like a Grey Cup or Super Bowl.

In fact for those other leagues they actually try to create one game 'events' to be like a Grey Cup or Super Bowl. For the NBA and MLB it is their All-Star games. For the NHL it is the Winter Classic. Those 'events' generate huge sponsorship and ticket sales revenues those leagues and all kinds of media coverage.

When it was announced Toronto would play Detroit a few years ago immediately tens of thousands of Leafs fans from all over the place started making travel plans and booking hotels months in advance just like I'm sure thousands of Canadiens fans made plans to travel to Boston/Foxboro months ago after it was announced that the Habs would be playing the Bruins on January 1.

You should see how much planning, preparation and money MLSE, the city and province and corporate sponsors are pouring into festivities surrounding the NBA All Star weekend in February in Toronto. Hotels, bars and restaurants are ramping up special activities for that weekend with all kinds of big moneyed people expected to roll into Toronto for all the special events surrouding the All Star game that weekend.

You just can't do most of those things that make it truly an 'event' with only a week's notice.

Can you imagine if the 'home team' on just two weeks notice already had a major convention already booked in town and no hotel rooms were available?

Just would like to see more excitement from the people living in the city hosting the Grey Cup, that's all. If that's a bad thing, well, what can I say. Next year if the Argos aren't in it, the Grey Cup will barely register on anyone's mind who lives in Toronto other than a small dedicated CFL fanbase there. It will be a total non-event in Toronto for the most part without the Argos in it. But I've heard that many Super Bowls are exactly that from people living in the city hosting the event without a home team in it, and that's a fair-enough argument. The SB is as corporate of an affair as there is in pro sports I'm sure.

I realize that the host city though in terms of hotels and restaurants probably doesn't want a home team in it for obvious reasons. Agree that the planning required for a Grey Cup as it is now requires a long period of time.

It's the job of the host committee to engage the locals. In years past, the Toronto organizing committe has had some swanky, wine and cheese meet and greet events to engage the Toronto elite, like at events like TIFF. They've had concerts at ACC and foodie events. They used Nathan Phillips Square and Yonge Dundas square.

Next year, I expect them to move the festivities to Exhibiton Park, which should make things more intimate, but might lose some casual fans.

Regardless, the local news media (of all stripes) will have cameras about capturing stories of the "crazies" attending the Grey Cup. People will know it is on.

jhayman wrote: [b]Next year, I expect them to move the festivities to Exhibiton Park, which should make things more intimate[/b], but might lose some casual fans.
Yes, I do think that sort of intimacy as you mention will be a real plus even though as you say it might lose some casual fans but the Argos really can and do get lost in downtown Toronto especially with most sports and maybe even other storefronts showing mainly Blue Jays, Leafs and Raptors and maybe even TFC clothing etc. before Argos stuff. It just makes so much more sense to have both the Argos and TFC, football teams, playing out of the same stadium, a football stadium, and the Grey Cup in that stadium as well, especially considering the upgrading BMO is undergoing and the very historic site that the Exhibition grounds have been for Canadian football.