Hamilton Tigers

Why aren’t the Grey Cups won by the Hamilton Tigers recognized by the CFL as being a part of the history of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats?
It just feels like a disservice to our long storied history.

Maybe this has been discussed before (I haven’t looked to see if there in an old thread discussing it) but I’d like to know what the long time fans know about the decision to consider the Tigers as a folded franchise instead of being the same team with a now changed name.

Very good question, especially since the team itself regards itself as a continuous club.


This is a comprehensive summary of our history. Give it a read if you haven’t before, the early history is very interesting

They don’t count the Tigers 5 wins or the Wildcats 1 win. They were both playing at the same time from 1945 to 1948 then amalgamated to become the Tiger Cats in 1949. So it’s hard to say they are one team with a new name.
Hamilton has won 15 Cups, if you add the Grey Cup from the Hamilton Alerts.
The Tiger Cats have 8 of those 15

Tiger-Cats have 8

Tigers have 5

Wildcats 1

Alerts 1

15 Total

You are correct. I noticed my mistake right after I posted. but took me a while to figure out how to edit it.

The teams amalgamated just as the Tigers had previously amalgamated with the Alerts way back when.
But why nullify the history completely?
The Tigers are the original team and Tiger-Cats are a continuation of that team, they aren’t a brand new team.

Would they have acknowledged the history of the Hamilton Tigers if the name hadn’t changed?
If the Argos had amalgamated with another team in 1950 would that have nullified their storied history in the eyes of the CFL?

It just feels like roughly half of Hamilton football history is not recognized by the league and I would like to know why

Do you have a link to the official league source that fails to recognize this?

I’m curious to see if OTT’s full history is recognized, given that there are clearly breaks in that city’s continuity that far outweigh ours.

It’s stated in the article I posted from this website in the first or second paragraph that the teams are considered to be separate franchises by the league. I don’t know what led to that determination, but the Tiger-Cats are credited with 8 Grey Cups in the league’s record book. I wonder if this would be different if there was no name change…

It looks like the Argos, Blue Bombers and Ottawa Rough Riders are the only teams that still get credit for all their wins. Winnipeg and Ottawa even changed the name of the clubs and still get credit. I’m surprised the league didn’t give the Red Blacks credit for the Rough Riders wins. Still more evidence for the conspiracy theory against us.

Counting the Alerts is murky. Not entirely clear if the team was absorbed officially or just picked up some of their players after they folded.

Doesn’t matter . Alouettes are considered continuous when in reality they are the relocated Baltimore Stallions.

The CFL seems to let the Redblacks link back with the Roughriders.

This week the RBs were vintage tshirt had the the Roughriders R on them.

Maybe Bob Young show appeal to the CFL to recognise the link with the Tigers and Wildcats to the Tiger-Cats.