Hamilton 'TIGERS' Football- The time has come.

About Ottawa how about Gohst Riders??? or RIFF RAFF???--http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DI0-Tdeckyw

Its Tiger-Cats and thats the end of it.


Thanks for raising the issue and history but......."Tiger-Cats" reflects that history. The name is important and unique and I believe the city and the CFL would be diminished if it was changed.

The ORFU did not disappear in 1949. As stevehvh mentioned, they competed for a chance at the Grey Cup until 1954. In their last two seasons of competition, 1953 and 1954, they had to face the Western champions. Balmy Beach played Winnipeg in '53 and the Kitchener-Waterloo Dutchmen played the Edmonton Eskimos in '54.

My Friend I Have great Respect for you but I Disagree This time.
The Rough Riders are gone and IMO It is best to start Fresh with a new Name in Ottawa
Personaly Everyone know I think going back Ottawa is Waist of Time and Money.
But if there going to do it .. Come back with a new Name.

Ottawa Outlaws sounds good.. Use the Rough Rider Colours and a new Logo

I hope that the efforts to restore a CFL team in Ottawa are a big success.

As far as a team name, I think the most apt choice would be the Ottawa Zombies. Hopefully they can remain undead for a lot longer this time. :wink:

Plus you've seen how slowly zombies move in those old movies: Mike O'Shea could have a place to extend his career by a couple more years. :smiley: