hamilton tigercats hammer buffalo bills

back in the early 60's the hamilton tigercats played the afl's buffalo bills in an exhibition game and spanked them quite handily.according to the late great sports writer jim coleman the bills could'nt get used to all the motion in the backfield as they played by cfl rules.the game got out of hand in the 4'th and there were several ejections .does anyone out there remember the score in this game.did'nt the argos play the st. louis cardinals the same year.who set these games up and was it a one shot deal .could you imagine the interst if they tried it again just for charity.say the bc lions against the seahawks or the bombers against minnesota or the argos against the ny giants.i guess the liability would be too great and the nfl would have too much to lose.just a thought

our dollar was worth more and we had better import talent.

No way it would be close now.