Hamilton Tiger Cats

TC fans your team is a lot better then it has played. The Stamp defense was well tested last night. The problem in Tiger land is coaching and consistancey. The team itself is coming along. The only thing I can see that needs upgrading now is your Dlineman. I for one think the 2009 version will be much better.

That's what they say every year...

I'll believe it when I see it.

Hi RW... we've disagreed before. This time part of me really wants you to be right but the rational part of me that has watched the 'Cats from the stands all year says that each game at least 2 units prove inadequate. The D line has consistently been one of those units so you've got that one pegged. Don't know if this one will be turned around.... sadly, I just don't know.

I feel the same way. Every year it's the same thing: "You guys are better than your record," and "You guys will be better next year." Then next year comes and they still suck. I'll wait and see what happens in 2009.

This year reminds me just of last years version of the Ticats. Lots of glimpses of greatness from players, and I always screw up my week 1 picks thinking the Cats will be much improved. I don't think the Cats are far off from being a good team, I just don't know how long the fans are going to stick with the team seeing their current ineptitude.

Part of me thinks someone like a Trestman would fair well in Hamilton, I think the majority of the talent is in place.

I think the Tiger-Cats will be better next year too. I don't think Porter is as much of a question mark going into next season as Printers was coming into this season. Printers never really showed he could succeed in Hamilton's season last season and he didn't improve this year, but Porter has been able to play pretty well. Finding a QB should make them a better team next year. They also didn't have much at receiver coming into this year, whereas going into next year they'll have Prechae. I'm not convinced they're a playoff team and they'll have to show that, but I think there are differences between people saying this at this time last year vs. at this time this year, although I suppose people have been saying that for a few years now too.

The Ti-Cats are in a rebuilding phase right now thats all.Evebtually things will trun around and they will be a competive team agian.Look at the Riders in the eighties they couldn’t get a win even if they wanted to buy one.It wasn’t until they won the grey cup in 1989 that things turned around for the team and they started to become competive.I have all the faith that the Ti-Cats will get things turned around.