Hamilton Tiger-Cats trade C J Gable

To the eskimos...

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All I can say is WOW.

Good luck CJ! One of my favourite TiCats gone to my favourite West Division Team. I hope he wins a Cup! Such a shame his talent was largely wasted for the season or two. Under Jones' system he showed he still had the ability to be a force.

At this point if hes making anything more than the league minimum its the right decision. He can absolutely be a great contributor on a contending team and we don't have one here. By the time we are competing for a Grey Cup he will not be the answer.

One of the better running backs we have had though given our history for not being a running team the past few decades. Hope he does well in Edmonton.

2 neg list players??

David William Naylor?Verified account
15m15 minutes ago
Hearing the neg list players going from Edm to Ham in CJ Gable trade are 2 OL ... futures. #CFL #ticats #esks

I still get the feeling that Gable is going to retire at the end of this season to take that firefighters job in LA despite the fact that he was just traded. He generally played very well when used properly, which certainly wasn't the case during Austin's last couple of years as head coach.

Going to miss youCJ!! Great run with the cats! Awesome game Saturday!! Should of got a lot more for this trade. BS. Good luck on the Eskies!!Hope you win the Cup there!! Oskee Wee Wee????

That’s ok we have the Green Machine now! As long as he can stay healthy we will be ok , yet his blocking and pass catching is a question mark?



David William Naylor?Verified account

15m15 minutes ago
Significant cap component to Hamilton dealing Gable. Need to shed salary due to bonuses paid to QB Masoli for starts. #CFL #Ticats

Gable was in the last year of his $90K contract

I expect Collaros and Laurent to be dealt next.

These are good moves, as we are building for next year now, and all of these guys were "Austin's guys."

No need to pay an American RB 90k unless he is an integral part of your success. He was worth it for the past couple seasons, not anymore.

2 trades with ESKs this year

Chick + Gable + 5th round pick


2nd round pick + 2 neg list OL's


If a player ever upped his trade value in one week Gable sure did.
No more voting required on who the starting RB will be....unless a new vote is in place to include Ross Scheuerman.

Unless more RB's are airlifted in.....

I really hope one of neg list players is a good defensive end which we need badly !!!

but then again esks traded for chick so they likely didn't have any de's ready to play on the neg list ?

why would we go after import olinemen I think we are now in better shape at that spot with holmes, Mathews and washington

I guess this means green is the man for now
I hear Laurent is ready to go next week so I wonder where they play the extra import

Good luck CJ. You're going to love Alberta
Seems like Mike Reilly has finally got his version of a bodyguard. A blocking back who actually knows how to block.
CJ, I think your new team can beat the Calgary pass rush in the upcoming game with you in the backfield.
Again, good luck with your new team mates and new fans!

Well it looks like the great fire sale of the 2017 Ti-Cats has begun . Gotta wonder whose next on the chopping block ? Laurent ? Collaros ? Masoli ? who knows ? stay tuned for further developments . :o

Laurent and Collaros are two big trade chips. If ZC gets some time and pulls a Gable and increases his trade value I can see these moves happening.

You forgot one.

Chick was (debatably) expendable due to Tracy playing well at a much lower cost. (Capicciotti playing well as a national made him indispensable.) But considering his age and subpar performance this year, an upgraded pick was pretty good to get for him.

And Gable was made expendable due to Green playing really well. But running backs are almost a dime a dozen, even for the good ones (unless, of course, they happen to be nationals), so two neg listers is also pretty good.

Chambers for a couple of late draft picks? I'm thinking we did well there, as he did more in his first game with us that any of our other national receivers.Really helps on the ratio, especially with Fantuz back in the line-up.