Hamilton Tiger-Cats® Team Ring

I had a flyer in to days Spec, heres the Link


I bought one :rockin:

120 isn't too bad a price at all. Not a ring guy though..

That’s 120.00 USD. The ad in the Spectator says 179 which I assume is CD, plus $12.99 shipping and “service”, residents of Ontario and B.C. will be charged applicable P.S.T. so getting pretty close to $200.00 Canadian.
"Please allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery of your ring after we receive your initial deposit (can be paid for in 4 installments). Sales subject to product availability and credit approval.
And the final line in fine print: “Price in offer subject to change”.

Very nice.

Love it. This is something every true Ticat fan should buy.


The same ring can be bought at Mountain Plaza at Kee 2 Collections for $149.00 no shipping fees, made by the same company.

NOW you tell ME.....LOL

My dad looked today, all they had was SSK!

They do look nice have to admit. Is there going to be one available next year that says engraved on the back 2009 GC Champs? :wink:


You can order the same ring from Kee 2 Collections at Mountain Plaza Mall for $149.00, you have to speak to the owner and he will order it for you. no shipping or handling fees.

Ive seen the Als version...

Nice but its only gold plated...won't stand up to alot of wear...

Probably a game day only kind of thing.

There will be one available with 2009 GC champs.

It won't be with a Ticat logo, but I am sure there will be one available!

when we do win a Grey cup
I loved to be able to buy a Replica of the teams Championship Ring
Then give money made from those rings to charity .

Neat O

Neat idea, but IMHO that's a pretty ugly ring. And as has been mentioned already, it's a silver ring that's been gold-plated. Doesn't sound like much of a bargain to me...

Nice idea but too rich for my blood.