Hamilton Tiger Cats official ANTHEM singer!

Next home game this guy should sing the canadian anthem.

Expansion was a great idea, as we got one of the funniest moments ever, and I remember he did the anthem twice at a game, and them was brought to Toronto to sing it the right way.

It started out poor, to worse, to O'Christmas Tree.

Great job


He looks like a noob, and then he says

''thank you''

ACTUALLY back to hamilton. driven out by limo to center field against calgary

what the heck does that mean in english? you give me a headache just reading that.

did you mean to say

Off to Centre frield, with Right then Calgary plays and we ACTUALLY went through to game.

he was at ivor wynne, driven by limo to center field to sing the anthem. the game was against calgary

I remember that, and the CBC announcer mentioned that he better do a good job cause IWS doesn't have metal detectors.

That is pretty bad !!!!!

To give the person that sang it proper credit it wasn't Greg Bartholomew. His real name is (should be was) Dennis K.C. Parks (credited in the clip as Greg Bartholomew) who destroyed the Canadian anthem at a 1994 CFL game in Las Vegas.

Here is a link to a site that mentions this clip and has the one year summary of the Las Vegas Posse. Sounds like the owners were Gliebermans in training with some of their antics.

Cheers Randy

What an ahole for buchering the anthem

Have no fear about our great anthem being butchered on Friday night. The Ti Cats have invited Hamilton's native son Fernando Viola to sing the anthem. In the past , he has always provided an inspiring rendition of O Canada. I'm sure he won't disappoint us. Hopefully, his rendition will kick start our Cats on to their first victory.