Hamilton Tiger-Cats' Mount Rushmore

It seems to be quite topical and popular these days to discuss informally and sometimes even formally ... the Mount Rushmore of a sport or more specifically ... a sports team.

So with that said ... who's on your TiCats' Mount Rushmore?

The real Mount Rushmore has 4 Presidents that span over 120 years in office & 26 Presidencies. So I think with that as a frame of reference, we can choose from the entire history of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Tigers, Wildcats & Flying Wildcats!

My four to be depicted upon the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Mount Rushmore would be ...

Angelo Mosca
Garney Henley
Ben Zambiasi
Rocky DiPietro

It was A LOT tougher to select just four than I had imagined! And I mean A LOT tougher than I had imagined!

(P.S. I'd have George' Lee's Fruit Market & Ivor Wynne in the background somewhere/somehow!)

I like

Danny Mac
and of course

With honorable mention to


It's cool that you only need to use their first names, and everyone knows who they were!

I’m pretty close to Fender’s list with:


but I would also add Earl Winfield.

I'm good with that if only for his BIG SMILE but more for the level of excitement he delivered no matter how the team faired.

See ... it is difficult ... not I want to change my 4 ... stop the engineers!


Mosca and Henley without question......the other two can be interchangeable !!!! Too many Greats to narrow it down to just two. :rockin: :rockin: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Bernie Custis
Angelo Mosca
Joe Zuger
Marwan Hage

purely as a player..


with special mention to Ralph Sazio who did it all and was the driving force behind the franchise for near 3 decades.

We need more mountains to carve because our history would include more names than Mount Rushmore. Maybe we could settle for the names on the Wall at Tim Horton Field. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old Krouse, Bethea, and Cepetelli fan)

For you Pat


Honorable mention Rob Hitchcock

8) The best all round team ever assembled in TiCat history !! :D :D

No Earl the Pearl Winfield?

Hamilton Mountain gives you lots of space; you could get all your GC winners on there, ringing the city!

(I'm a Westmount High grad, class of '68).


The best all round team ever assembled in TiCat history !! :smiley: :smiley:

followed closely by...

Hard to believe by today's standard and year in year out roster turnover that happens in today's football,that although the "67" and "72" Grey Cup teams were 6 years apart that if you look at both team photos that there was 10 players who played on both championship teams in "67" and "72".What makes this even more remarkable is the fact that in those days a CFL roster consisted of only 32 players dressed per game.That "72" team was the end of the Cat Dynasty that saw the team appear in 5 Cups in a 10 year span from 63-72 winning 4 of them in 63/65/67/72.Big Ang #68,Garney#26 and Krouse#14 played on all 4 Cup winners in that 10 year span. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy:

Hamilton's Mt. Rushmore...A lasting legacy?

Ask me in 10 years....If Bob Young get's his wish (and mine)... A string of Grey Cups...competitive every year and a stable franchise...new stadium... leaving us a lasting legacy...I'd have to include him on that. :wink:

I must have stared at that 1972 team pic for 10 min. and can't believe the number of players names I remember.
That was the team that got me started as a true fan. I knew Gord personally (RIP) I watched the GC game from my
grandfathers attic that year. 'Williams Cats, Williams Cats, William Cats are Grey Cup Champs!' Any one remember that chant?

For Mt. "Rush more" -- John Barrow, Grover Covington, Mike Walker & Joe Montford.